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costa rica honeymoon {manuel antonio: part I}.

Costa Rica was unreal.  Chris had visited Panama, but it was my first trip to Central America.  We left Monday morning after our wedding and were both pretty beat before we even took off to the airport.  It's a flight to Houston, then a flight to San Jose, then a tiny plane over to the city of Quepos and then a taxi ride to Manuel Antonio.  Quite the adventure, but worth the trip once you get there. 

By the way, planning the honeymoon was one of my husbands only tasks for our wedding and he nailed it.  It was perfect.  Here he is staring out at Manuel Antonio while enjoying his first imperial of the trip.  

A quick tangent on the gallery of photos that are about to fill this post.  We I left our Nikon and Canon point & shoot in my mothers car (who lives in So Cal) during our rehearsal and we were without camera before we took off.  Crazy. So, while frantically packing the Sunday before we left, we had to decide what to do.  Go without camera?  Use our phones?  We ultimately decided to purchase another point & shoot.  A Canon PowerShot S100 and it is incredible.  There are manual settings and it rocks.  I highly, highly recommend.  Worth the money.  Back to the beer, ice cold imperials in costa rica are it. 

Finally hitting the beach:
 Surfers hanging out and visitors sipping on "agua de pipa" make for a very laid back vibe at this beach:
If you plan to use the lounge chair, it will cost you.  $6.00 to be exact.  Hey, you only honeymoon once.
Taking a dip...
Taking a little snooze.
Then waking up and remembering, "we're married, that's so weird".
We made our way back to our hotel and hung by the swim up bar where we found out our new favorite drink is called a "caipirinha".  Yum.  
 a few day shots of the place:
I will be back very soon with the other parts of this trip.  I think this post has become long enough.


  1. Wow! Looks like so much fun! You and your hubby look great.

  2. The swim up bar looks so much like the one I went to at the Tabacon hotel.. the one with the hot springs..! It's gorgeous!

  3. It looks like you stayed at La Mansion -- am I right?! We stayed there on our honeymoon and loved Manuel Antonio! We just loved Costa Rica, so I am really enjoying your recaps, looks like you had a wonderful time with beautiful weather!

    Glad you like the S100. After a lot of research I got the S95 (what was out at the time) for a trip and I've been really impressed with it.


  4. @Laura- yes! we stayed there. sounds like we both had a great time!

  5. @sam- thank you!

    @amy- we went there as well- just about to post those! that place was amazing.

  6. Love these. Glad y'all had a great time. Oh, and a caipirinha was our favorite when in Belize. I don't even want to think about how many we drank or how much we spent!!!


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