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a wish list.

One of my favorite things about blogging is living in a fantasy world...even if it's just for the amount of time it takes to write a post.  Whether that's seeing a picture I took of my house super clean (because we all know  my kitchen could be a disaster, even though my room is immaculate), dreaming up the "perfect" wedding, or creating a long list of "wishes" that aren't necessarily ever going to come true (sometimes they do though).  In an effort to further indulge in my fantasy, a list of wishes for the day (sorry it's not in a fancy collage!):

emerson fry top (which is sold out- if you're like me, you want it even more now)- I love black tops, I must own 30 different styles and still could use another...and, this cut reminds me of my black dress that I love from my engagement shoot: 

I have been obsessing over this clutch for a solid 2 months.  It is now SOLD OUT on Tory Burch's website...BUT, I found it here.  Purchase by tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. and receive two $25 gift cards on Neiman Marcus using code BET2GET & free ship with SPRINGFS.  Sad I know that...told you I've been obsessing!  

this fun necklace with the @deliciouslyorg 

or this one :  

ok, one more necklace...might be cliche, but still think it's cute: 

yes to one of these preppy bags that you can personalize with any wild concoction you want: 

delicious sheets...

more organization. can you ever have enough? 

oh to have an that is dreaming while living in SF

and, let's end this list with a house full of peonies! 


  1. It IS the best part about blogging! Where did you find the monogrammed sheets? They're to die for!

  2. I love how blogging and dreaming and scheming and listing can somehow change our lives and make them much more delightful!

  3. Love the top! It's something I could easily see myself wearing. I have a few black tops, but not as Still, if I could get away with it, I just might have that much! LOL

  4. Hi Jessica, I believe the sheets are from here:

  5. I'm so in love with that top, I've been crushing on it ever since the new line's photos came out. And that clutch is just darling!

  6. I got one of those iomoi bags on sale a couple of months ago. It was a pretty decent sale; so you should check out being added to their mailing list. Definitely worth it!

  7. Hello! I'm Georgina and your newest follower - I adore that @ necklace, I may just have to get one (what a conversation starter in which to promote ones blog)!

    Have a wonderful weekend xo


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