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happy friday!

quick recap from the past few weeks (via instagram- find me at deliciouslyorg)...

morning light yesterday!
 read hunger games (late) in 3 days and then saw the movie...went to SPQR before on Fillmore. DELISH!
 leftover flowers from the couple's shower...
 an old turquoise bracelet I found in my collection...
 at the top of lombard...
 the weather in SF has been insane this week! sunny + warm = delicious lunches outside!
friday treats. mocha with whip from peets- people give you looks when the barista hands you that cup with all that whip....but this treat is one of my all time favs!

we are heading to wine country tomorrow to celebrate a friends birthday & it's supposed to be 80! can't wait!

have a great weekend!


  1. carlee, i adore your skirt in the last pic. way too cute. xo.

  2. That first photo is really eye-catching and it makes my heart smile to recognize 1 Corinthians :) gorgeous photo!


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