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is instagram replacing my camera? + life these days.

Lately I've found myself taking all my pictures using my i-phone.  Which really doesn't take great shots, it's not even a 4G and is several years old at this point.  Anyway, the point is, I wonder sometimes if shooting on my iphone, then posting to instagram, is replacing my camera?  When I found something beautiful that I wanted to shoot, whether that's while traveling or a meal at home, I used to whip out the Nikon.  Is it laziness, convenience, the thrill of posting to instagram that is stealing my camera's thunder?  I think it's a combination of all these items.  How do you feel?  Do you find yourself skipping the camera these days {any camera, whether that's a point & shoot, dslr, etc.} in lieu of your phone?  And I guess I'm directing that question to the people that use cameras in general...

With that being said, here is the last few weeks via instagram:
a trip to napa to celebrate a dear friends birthday
1| full moon view from the hill near golden gate bridge 2| cream puffs from pacific puffs 3|view from telegraph hill of freezing day in city 4| latte 5| cappuccino 6| new fav spot, woodhouse ipswich clam sandwich & crab sandwich 7| the bay
1| trader joes roses that have lasted for 2 weeks 2| pacifer for baby shower 3| fresh salad w/ black beans, avocado, red onion, tomato, organic sweet corn from tj's and himalayan pink salt 4| southern meal made at home 5| motivated when reading kris carr's book 6| a little kid got sick of searching for parking in the city 7 & 8| custom chairs at Tory Burch's store in SF 9| my home town, walnut creek-spent many hours working, playing and getting into trouble at broadway plaza 

in other life news....
very excited that my sister is coming to town tomorrow night!  mostly to deal with wedding stuff, but i'm sure we'll find time to do more than just that!

anyway, lots of wedding business going on these days...i apologize that posting has been light.
i imagine it will continue to be this way until after the wedding, but i will try my best to get posts up.

lastly, excited to meet with our photographer this weekend for an engagement session!  yes, we already did one in boston, but we are doing a second one in sf to get to know our photographer...i have a feeling i'm going to love her! i'll keep you posted-


  1. I do love the Instagram... but I am using my regular camera if I want to use my brain at all!!! Looks as though you had a fun week!!

  2. I LOVE my 50D but my iPhone takes over. Now I have a iPhone 4S and it is even more so. I have decided if I am shooting that is all that matters.

  3. I am still in the "old ages" with a non-smart phone, so for me, my personal camera is my go-to...except that it just broke so I'm in the market for a new one. Any suggestions?

    Your photos are pretty nonetheless! Those pastries and coffee look amazing!

  4. thanks for the reminder to use my leica camera.....rather than always using my i-phone!!!
    it is just so easy :)
    happy times for you, enjoy the visit with your sister!
    happy photo shoot!

  5. I also use my iphone for pics these much easier and quick.)
    Really nice photos!!

  6. Yay for a visit from your sister. That's so exciting about your upcoming wedding!

  7. The instagram has a more dramatic effect. I like it more for art but I still prefer the camera to capture memorable moments. Thanks!

  8. Yes, my iphone has replaced my camera for all the reasons you outlined above!


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