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Organizing Makeup Brushes in 2012 + tips on Refinery29

The start of a New Year is a great time to organize your makeup brushes, here are a few ideas to get you started if you plan on tackling them: 

Step 1:

Get rid of all brushes you are no longer using & wash the ones you are keeping and lay flat to dry:

Step 2 & 3:

Place brushes in an accessible spot. For me, that's on a dresser in jars filled with coffee beans (love how the coffee beans smell early in the a.m., surprisingly helps me to wake up- still after a few months of being in there they give off a strong scent).  For others, a better spot may be an acrylic tray inside of a drawer all lined up, kept away in a brush bag, etc. 

Take it one step further (3) by separating out brushes in multiple jars- a jar for blush/powder brushes, blending brushes, eyeliner brushes OR, if you really want to let your type A side take over...organize in order of use.  Lining the jars up left to right, with the brushes you use first being in the first jar and so on. WOW, that would be intense. 

For more tips to get your organizing self on, check out Refinery29 where I share more ideas: 

Thank you to Refinery29 for having me!

p.s. love hearing what everyone is planning on tackling this month via the last post!

*all images deliciously organized


  1. Just gave mine a little wash but definitely need to organize mine so they are more easily accessible! Do the oils from the coffee beans do anything to your brush handles? -Rachel

  2. Great idea with the coffee beans! I will have to give that a try!

  3. Great tutorial! I love the idea of using the coffee beans to keep them upright and smelling good.

  4. Brilliant! Coffee beans sounds really interesting. Got a handy everyday life tutorial in here. Bookmarked! :D
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  5. These are great tips, especially for someone who made organization her New Year's resolution...thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Great tips. I could use some organizing tips right now!

  7. Hi Carlee,

    I am about to wash my brushes, but wanted to know what kind of soap you used to wash them! I didn't know if I needed a special kind or if you had a recommendation.


  8. I find the ELF brush holder does the trick, and it only costs a fiver! Plus you can wash it :-)


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