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Joss & Main Curator Collection is LIVE & a QUESTION?

Happy New Year!  Hope your year is off to a nice start!  A quick reminder that Deliciously Organized Curator's collection is now live! If you need an invite to shop, please click here.  

Hoping to be back in the next couple of weeks with more organizing tips and health recipes!


Will you be organizing this month?  If so, what areas are you trying to tackle?  


  1. I'm cleaning out my closet and drawers! I'm such a pack rat and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get rid of things...

    xx Emily @

  2. This is so fantastic! I'm working on making lists and keeping my planner neat and orderly!

  3. Yes to organizing! I just stored away and labeled my holiday box of ribbons and tags and items to keep to be ahead of the holidays come next december.
    My sister and I were just saying how we really love to be organized and prepared for more living.

    After all the holiday baking, I need to re-stock my baking pantry with fresh oats, and natural sugars.

    Baking bread now! :)

  4. Closets...always closets. They just never hold as much as you want them to. And then your boyfriend mentions the possibility of moving in together...

    Loved the J&M collection!

  5. I've just been given an imposed 2 month vacation - I'm off for March and April. My organization plans may be put on hold until then, so I can dedicate some time to it.

    Organization Plan:
    Spare Room - currently a disaster zone / storage room
    Main Closet - horrible mass of jackets and shoes
    Guest Room - remaining boxes from move outta there
    Storage Closet - it's half done, just need to tidy and stock
    Pantry - it's a mess! Organize and stock
    Office - I started yesterday, continued today. It doubles as my office / craft space so easily turns into a mess. Hubs literally just walked in the door with organization bins for me! Yay!

    I procrastinate, but when I start organizing, I just love it! Plus, I love lists. So I list it up, then organize it up. :D

  6. Yes, always goal is to take one big area a month & tackle it...need tips on how to train my family to put things back where they belong!!!

  7. I will be organizing my apartment this week, trying to tackle some of the clutter that I just don't need! I need to throw/give away a lot of things that are making me crazy!

  8. Purging my closet and finally getting rid of clothes I've been hanging onto for way to long! I also have to clean out under our bed- it's embarressing the amount of stuff that has collected under there- eek!
    Thanks as always for all of your great organizing tips!


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