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a little bit of life lately + happy friday!

a few pics from this past week via iphone...
haven't had glitter on my nails since I was a kid, this touch of sparkle made me smile every time I looked down at my nails this week

a snack spread prepared by my fiance for guests-impressed. 

the sunset during an evening with friends on our patio (hard to see here, but in between those two buildings is Lombard Street and the cable car stops right on the top of the hill-the silhouette is breathtaking) 

cheated this week with a little in-n-out (fries animal style!)

and it's finally time to start opening up the windows on the advent calendar!

have a great weekend!
hopefully see you on monday with a few diy projects....


  1. I was just telling my sister we should get an advent calendar! I remember being so excited about it as a kid :)

  2. I LOVE those sparkly nails! So pretty. And the fries too. Definitely love the fries!

  3. I'm definitely thinking some glitter polish is in order today.... :)

  4. love the polish but more importantly what is that gorgeous glittery top/dress your wearing???


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