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diy: delicious cinnamon & sugar lip scrub

I've used my cinnamon oil for a delicious lip scrub that I must share!  Legitimately, you could lick it off your lips it's that good.  Lip scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate the lips during winter months when they become dry and they only take a minute to make at home.  This is the recipe I used:

2 tablespoons of cinnamon oil {see this post to make your own}
1/2 tablespoon of raw sugar 
1 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar 
a drop of vanilla

Mix all ingredients together and store in any small container.  I love the ones I purchased in store from here.  

To apply: Use finger to scrub mixture on lips in a circular motion and rinse {leaving on lips overnight works wonders too}.   

Also, this is a really easy & inexpensive gift to make for the Holidays!


  1. yum, I just want to eat it with a spoon right now!!

  2. I think I would eat it all up!
    looks lip smackin!

  3. I bet this will be good as a body scrub as well.

  4. i couldn't resist eating it, either...


  5. I love lip sugars! These look fantastic.

  6. I have been making the rice therapy bags for Christmas. This would be a good oil to use on the Rice.

    Great idea!

  7. Where did you get the little containers for the scrub?


  8. This is really great home-made lip scrub recipe. I have already tried it and love it ! It totally works.
    Kindly recommend it .
    Great job !

    Beauties Factory UK

  9. Where do u get the little containers for it?

  10. Im making a blogpost and would love to send me readers to your blog and this recepie. Can I borrow your picture and link to you?

    Lovly blog you have!!!

  11. I think this would be a wonderful gift. Can't wait to try it. Where do you find the containers or similar ones?


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