heat waaaaaaaaaaaaave.

(photo taken by my fiancé)
sun setting
days have been hot.
nights have been warm and peaceful.
we are loving this heat wave in the city.


  1. ....and I am loving your photos!

  2. We've been having a bit of an indian summer in Ireland too. It's great to finally get a bit of sunshine. Even if we did have to wait until September!

  3. Those pictures are absolutely stunning!

  4. I know! I loved it yesterday, ended up going up on the roof with the husband to enjoy a picnic on such a warm day. I'm just glad today is a lot cooler...so far.

  5. Here in The Netherlands, it's summer! I don't know what happened, because all summer it has been so cold and rainy and now the sun is shining all week!


  6. New follower!! I live in SF too and just love your website!! Nice to see such creativity! xoxo Debbie at InspiredHoneyBee dot blogspot


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