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even though it's hot, it's still fall.

via Watson Studios via Style Me Pretty

I'm working on a few fall projects around the house even though it feels like summer.  Making a wreath is one of them.  I'm curious, is your door dressed up this season? 


  1. I just made my first wreath ever for the fall! It was pretty fun, and I like how it turned out. Good luck with yours (and please post pics!).

    If you want to see mine, it's here:


  2. Your wreath is fabulous! Love the way it turned out.

  3. I love that wreath! I've always wanted to make a laurel leaf wreath. Try saying that ten times.

  4. I want to paint my door ebony and make a white wreath with white and silver pumpkins.

  5. That sounds beautiful. I think you should go for it :)

  6. Yes I already have a fall wreath hanging on my door, the first day it was fall!



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