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a little bit of life lately...

I have been posting my favorite candles for a while here on do so I thought it was only appropriate that I post the newest one I picked up this weekend.  Voluspa Saijo Persimmon.  This is a coconut blend layered with juicy peach and red currant.  If you're in the market (I never am I just can't stay away from candles, it's an illness) I highly recommend this one!  I had it burning my bedroom yesterday and I could smell it through out the entire house.
I went wine tasting all day Saturday with friends and ended up at EDK for dinner.  Everything on the menu was delicious, but if I had to pick just one...I'd go with the jalapeno peach martini!
 and the s'mores tart...ok, I pick two.
my fiance made french press coffee with our new fav whole beans by bicycle coffee, a local company based out of the Mission that delivers organic coffee by bicycle all around the city...
there is a new stationery store in the SF Center and it's dangerous. Maido is the name, and they give you  credit for every purchase on a punch card.  Definitely worth a visit...

hope you all had a nice weekend! 


  1. I am addicted to candles too. Gotta try the one you are recommending.

  2. That candle sounds fabulous! Red currant is one my favorites but I've never tried it blended with anything else.

    Come by and my Stiletto Hardware giveaway if you like!

  3. I love the bicycle coffee idea! I just heard this weekend that the AMA released the info that between one and five cups of coffee (regular or decaf!) a day reduces your risk of a bunch of cancer types by 70%!!!!! I haven't looked into the information yet, but thought I'd pass it along! Pretty exciting stuff...

  4. The candle sounds really nice and the coffee looks great!!

  5. I LOVE candles! I might have to treat myself to this one!

  6. Voluspa also became my favorite candle too, they last forever. I gotta try out your scent! Thanks for the heads up on Maido, stationary stores are so addicting!


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