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craving catch up.

How charming is that blue velvet chair?  It's official, our home is definitely in need of a good dose of velvet! And I'm loving the magazine file folders turned the opposite direction and the fact that their left unpainted, creates a more rustic/organic look.

Anyway, life has been busy lately {wedding planning, work...} which is causing me to crave a long morning of flipping through mags {glossies & online} and all your lovely blogs for a good dose of design! Maybe with an extra delicious latte served in that beautiful gold mug too...

What about you?  Have you had time to catch up?  

*image Emily Henderson  


  1. Beautiful image. Agree, that chair is fantastic.

    Good luck with catching up. I have so much to do, it is crazy. Hectic is the word!

  2. No time to catch up here! I'm busy busy busy. Moving to another state next week and got packing and loose end tying to do! But once I get to my new house (which I don't have yet!) and the dust settles... Aaaaaah, that will be nice!!!
    And definitely craving some velvet in time for the weather to get cooler!!

  3. That chair is gorgeous - I love the colour! Oh how I wish my study looked like that

  4. oh i love a tufted chair. lovely.

  5. Just delivered one son to his University. We had an "earthquake" and the Dean said, she knew they were a class of mover and shakers!
    Next week we deliver the next twin to his College....maybe after that I will have time to play catch up. We have a velvet sofa....I love blue velvet.

  6. yum, I love lattes! Is that your favorite coffee drink? Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  7. I have NOT had time to catch up. Coffee in bed with my laptop and magazines sounds divine! Might ask the hubby for that this weekend!

  8. Ooh, that's Emily Henderson's office, right? Gorgeous. I don't know if velvet is a no-no in Hawaii, but I love the warmth and elegance it lends to a space.

  9. Working on catching up from all of the summer fun! Getting prepared to head back to work next week after being home with my little ones for almost a year :)

  10. Hope you had a nice day catching up! That velvet chair is to die for...I can play catch up in that chair all day long!

  11. I haven't had time to catch up that much. I did have time to post blogs.

    My father recently passed away and I am trying to get organized and to process everything but it's very hard... I am also craving the strangest things like shopping and reading a lot. I'm sure it's all part of it, at least... I guess.

    But let me please end with a positive vibe: I love that chair as well. It looks so classy and chic. Funny thing I have all my organizers arranged the same, but they're not made out of wood. That's the only difference.


  12. Saw that apartment therapy linked to this entry! Congrats! Can we hang out very soon?


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