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Organization & Life Inspiration: Jess Constable

I'm sure you've all seen this lovely shoot from Rue Magazine Issue 3, but I wanted to post a favorite shot from Jess Constable's studio and a wonderful tip on conquering anxiety, which is her very own worry cards with downloadable sheets (beyond clever!).

First of all, I love this shot from her studio.  Very organized with a touch of glam. 

and a few of her products...

 the single paisley bracelet is on my wishlist:

and her new handbags line which is perfect for everyday wear:  

my favorite is the white...

Lastly, the worry cards which I think are fabulous.  A lot of times having a to-do list for me is putting a worry down on paper and knowing that I can forget about it for a minute, but this system allows you to focus on one worry at a time and control what you can control at that moment and forget about the rest (and of course you don't have a daunting list staring back at you!). The instructions for the worry cards are below on the printable sheet.  You can download them here.

1. Print out this sheet (legal size paper!) and cut out the four rectangles along the solid outer line.  Fold each rectangle in half along the centerline and tape the open edge closed to create an individual flashcard. Repeat until you have as many cards as you need.  

2. Write down all the worries you have on the cards. Under your description write where the worry is coming from in your life: relationships, personal development, career, finances, or another category of your choice.  Separate your worries by category. 

3. Circle whether you are able to change, unable to change, or already have changed the worry. On the back of each worry card that you are able to change, write down the first step you can take to resolve this concern. On the cards that have the worries you are unable to change, write down your wish for that situation. And for those worries you have already changed (congrats!), write down why that worry is no longer valid.

4. Next, separate the worry cards that you are able to change and use the actions written on the backs of
these cards to form your action list for the rest of the day, week, etc. Order them so you only have to focus on one action at a time and then work to resolve the issues within your control.

5. Once you've resolved your worries, put the cards in a safe place to remind yourself of your successes.

*Photograph: Rue Magazine (January/February 2011). Decorated by Jess Constable. Photographed by Emily Anderson.


  1. Cute totes! I like the white one too.

  2. I adore Jess! I met her in Chicago 2 years ago and I hope to meet again the end of the month when I go to illustrate a wedding.

  3. Love the totes! The white AND navy are now on my wishlist - emailed the link the hubby. :)

  4. i LOVE the bracelet. and those worry cards are so perfect for me...i need to let the little "worries" get to me, so this would be a perfect way to keep them under control!

  5. Thank you SO much for sharing the studio and worry flashcards! It's great to hear that they have helped you out as well :). I just did a batch myself a week or two ago.

    I'm not sure if you've seen it, but I talk a lot about worry flashcards and other "designing a life with intention" topics on my blog, - you might like that for organization in "stuff" and "life" as well. :)

  6. LOVE the notecard ideas! I honestly think this would really help relieve some of my worries. Later on you could look back on them and probably laugh at even stressing about them in the first place! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)



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