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It's good to see you June...

*summer begins & school has always ended
*long days by the pool
*trips to tahoe
*peonies (I know, another picture of a peony here...last one for a while-maybe)
*cold drinks
*vacations (we have one coming up in June!)
* popsicles (you're never too old)
* bocce ball
*slaps (aka flip flops) 
*sun (not always if you live in fact it's raining, cold and gross here today)
*beach days
*bright nail polish
*navy & white
*birthdays (mine & fianc├ęs) 

I could go on and on...
but I'd love to know, 
what are you looking forward to in June?   

*created this desktop calendar with an iphone pic & put together a coral and striped calendar 


  1. Oh, June! Can't believe it is here. My son is graduating from Elementary School, yikes! And my oldest daughter is going to camp for the first time. Lots of excitement. Must be organized! Dido on summer dresses...

    Oksana from

  2. June is such a fun month! We have some birthdays too and lots to do this summer. Great weather here in Orange County. Welcome June!!


  3. Happy June! Looking forward to the nice weather, little sisters graduation and my bf meeting my parents!!! A lot of excitement!

  4. I love the picture of the peonies! and I love your list of JUNE! I think we all need to make a list and see about enjoying everything on it!

  5. Never stop posting peonies! I love them too much and love that you post them. I don't think there's anyway you could overpost pictures of them..I will back you up!

  6. June is a great month! I'll be celebrating my baby shower on Saturday, so that's my BIG deal this year! Happy 1st day of summer to you! *Amy


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