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happy weekend!

I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to read blogs, blog myself or do anything else deliciously organized related!  Hopefully I'll have time during this long weekend to catch up on reading and get a legitimate post up myself...

I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  

*image deliciously organized from iphone


  1. I have a busy summer with the renovation, walls coming down to open up to a brand new I am thinking a blog break may be in order. It is hard to juggle it all, but good to know we all have full plates and vases! Love those peonies.

  2. what a GORG picture!

  3. Gorgeous! Our peonies haven't opened up yet, but I'm hoping will have some full blooms when we get back from our camping trip. Love that pic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are absolutely stunning! I hope you has a great weekend!

    Ps. How dis you post from your iPhone? Would love to know how!


  5. Oh I do love a bushel of peonies! Happy weekend to you!

  6. Gorgeous picture!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  7. No worries, I had to skip a few days myself this past week. May is a crazy month for all! :)

  8. Oh they are so beautiful and I love the color. I think peonies smell really good also.

  9. Peonies make my heart melt! They're my absolute favourite flower...even just seeing them over a computer screen makes me wish I had a million of them! I'm glad this was the picture you decided to use in your post today :D!!!


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