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a garden of love for your envelope.

I still like to put pen to paper and send out note cards ever so often & I think these stamps are the perfect touch for a spring note.  Very creative, fun and fresh.  I love how all the stamps are shaped like hearts.  Aren't they beautiful? 


  1. you always have the most perfect stamps in the US!

  2. so pretttttty need for my wedddingggggg.


  3. i looove them! theyd be perfect for a wedding invitiation :)

  4. These are making me want to send out some notes! Darling!
    From your newest follower!

  5. Those are so pretty and springy! Makes me happy just looking at them :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Love these, and especially because they're forever stamps!

    Enjoying your blog!

  7. Me too! I love letter writing :) and making my envelopes even more special with pretty postage is a must. I am so excited about the USPS Love series. Beautiful!


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