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new love.

A few weekends ago I found a new love on my Saturday...gardening.  I personally found it relaxing?  This is the first place I've lived where I've had the space to do so...
I've planted a few strawberry plants, tomato plants, rosemary, peonies and I already had a little mint and roses.  I would love to add more...

Although, I'm hoping they survive and I'm able to enjoy them through the summer.   
AND, I wish I had one of these spaces to store my tools and arrange my flowers (if they bloom!)...
all three above via

anyone do any gardening this past weekend?  what are you growing?


  1. I love the serenity of gardening - I used to do it with my granddad when i was growing up --- Can't wait till we get a house so I can start my own!!! So excited for you - I think you will love it especially when you taste how delicious the food is!

  2. I really should have trimmed my hydrangeas this weekend; it's best to do that in the very early spring to get the most flowers in the summer. Ah well, next weekend!

  3. I pulled some weeds and marveled at the peonies that return year after year. Does that count?

  4. I fell in love with gardening this weekend too. We have a large backyard at our house and I had a lot of prep work to do before we can plant. but the plan is for some vines - like bougainvillea and jasmine and then a vegetable garden with tomatoes and peas and zucchini. I can't wait. I really enjoyed how calming it was too.

  5. I love these! All perfectly styled, too.

  6. I love gardening!

    I have a ton of herbs and veggies that I've started from seeds and just transferred from indoors to outdoors. I've also got some sunflower seeds planted and they have been SO easy to start!

    I just planted a hydrangea bush in my front planter and a day lily plant too. I need some recommendations for adding some color to my very green front yard - suggestions?

  7. Weeds. That is what seems to grow best in my backyard! I enjoy working on the yard, though I have to say it doesn't really look like I do at the moment! Janell

  8. I plan to garden with my boys this spring. What I wouldn't give for a set like the last photo. So nice!

  9. Love all of those shots. Inspired me to get my mudroom in order so I can really use it for flowers!

    I'll be getting out into the garden soon!
    xo elizabeth

  10. such gorgeous garden closets indeed. we grow roses, blueberries, rosemary & basil. we've been putting basil on our hummus & cheese sandwiches lately. yum.

  11. The kids spent a good chunk of the weekend doing yard cleanup - getting rid of the leaves and sticks that got buried under snow. Planting our bulbs need to happen sometime this week. Love the inspiration pics! Thanks for sharing.

  12. We are crazy for Primroses!!!! Love to garden have started our seeds.

  13. I'm totally in love with my new garden, too! I just made a salad with yummy, garden fresh lettuces!

    I've been posting a good bit about my garden if you'd like to take a peek.


  14. We've started growing mint, rosemary, coriander, spring onion, and California Poppies!!! (we're in London)


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