sand dollars & sea breeze

I loved reading all of the comments from people who were motivated to get rid of something over the weekend.  Again, I'm going to try and post more organization motivation in the future.

Today, we were able to get out of the city and spend a little time at Stinson Beach {just north of San Francisco}.  It felt amazing to get some fresh ocean air...
saying hello to the local wildlife...
we love all the sand dollars on norcal beaches
My fiance found this heart shaped rock {I'm cheesy enough to have added the date & our initials to it}.
hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. gorgeous photos! i spent the day in san francisco- the beach looks very relaxing though!

  2. Dang! Those are all framers for sure! Your gorgeous images make me miss Stinson Beach! Looks like a relaxing day! And I heart the heart rock!

    What kind of camera do you own? I'm having trouble deciding between getting a DSLR or a MILC.

  3. ok, I can't believe that rock! I have never found a heart shaped rock in my entire life. Too cute and very romantic! Mandi.

  4. LOVE those pics! they make me want a vacation right now. Hope the wedding planning is going well!

  5. I love the sand dollars and heart-shaped rock. I'm glad you're cheesy.

  6. Gorgeous pictures!! I'm craving the beach...come on spring! :)

  7. These photos were so peaceful and calming! It made me want to grab a book and head to the beach!

  8. Beautiful photos doll... i love that you found a heart shaped rock - so cute!

    Have a great week!

  9. what great images !! love a deserted windy beach - my fav - love the sand dollars too - never knew they were called that ... le xox

  10. Such beautiful pictures! Makes me want to leave DC for a few days..or months!

  11. a m a z i n g photos! how much fun - looks so peaceful and serene...

  12. I always hunt for heart rocks in Maine. (Did a whole post on them in the summer.) Love that you added your initials...not cheesy at all!


  13. those pictures are beautiful! for a second i imagined i was there walking on the beach. then i woke up and realized it's bitterly cold and dreary here...


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