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diy: composition book art

Recently I purchased a few tumblers {by the way I'm still very impressed with their quality} and one composition {$1.99} book from the John Derian line at Target.  I tend to fall in love with journals, diaries, etc. not only because I enjoy using them to jot down notes, journal, and list-make, but I'm always drawn to their covers.  I wanted to use my recent composition book for more than just jotting down notes...and thought to frame the cover by cutting out around the silhouette.  Same concept as framing a favorite card, postcard, etc. but I still thought I would share the idea for the few that have a favorite paper journal they'd like to frame.  I can't see the composition books anymore, but I did find the same one here.  I would love to find a few vintage ones too.  

Also, my fiance just pointed out the two white pumpkins in the glass bowl look like an owl.  Do you see it?

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


  1. Love John Derian at Target...and yes I see the owl!!!

  2. MISS YOU! Want to come over next week and hang out!? What does your Tuesday night look like?

  3. I'm always drawn to the covers, too. I bought the same composition book. Love what you did with it!

    Also love the shape of the little silver tabletop frame!

    Have a great week!

  4. I love this idea:)
    Such a cute setting!

  5. I see the owl!!! And, I'm also drawn to notebooks, diaries, etc..

    xo Elizabeth

  6. I totally framed my John Derian silouette composition book cover too!

  7. Oh wow, an owl. I totally see it. Is this sorta like seeing Mary in a slice of toast? Just Kidding.


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