lululemon salutation nation {boston}

I've been eyeing the charles river as a wonderful place to do yoga since we moved here over a year and a half ago, but really didn't want to do it alone {there's something weird about taking out my mat and doing it}.  You can only imagine how thrilled I was when the opportunity came up when over the weekend when lululemon hosted salutation nation, to finally check this off my long Boston Bucket List {we move back soon!}. This was an event to bring "thousands of people across North America to take their asana practice outside for a complimentary class to move, breathe, and connect with other like-minded people in their communities".  It was an amazing experience.

this was the view during the class
photo above is not mine, I found this one on lululemon's twitter class taught by David Magone

Honestly, I haven't been practicing that often these days.  I'm in a bit of a yoga funk since moving here...I guess I truly miss my old studio.  But this class reminded me of the joy I felt when practicing.  If you do practice, did you get a chance to get outside for one of these events?  

If you don't practice, are you interested in trying yoga?  Just curious...


  1. Right now, it's way too hot to do much of anything outside here in Florida. And I too have been slacking on my yoga practice. I'd love to take it outside once it cools down a little here.

  2. I've been very interested in trying yoga, and wish I had taken up the opportunity to participate in a class back when I had a gym membership, but never did. I would LOVE to participate in something outdoors like this! There is only one yoga studio in the town that I live in, and the classes are offered at strange times of the day - ugh! So frustrating!

  3. I have never tried it and kinda of want to but I am super unflexable so I fear being embarrased! Lol! These pics are so cool!


  4. Love this pictures. I attended..came by myself with my mat :) It was amazing!

  5. What a great post! I think doing a bit of yoga outside sounds lovely. I'm five months pregnant and have swtiched over to a maternity yoga class which is wonderful. Its a hoot watching all the pregnant ladies waddle in to class! Its a sweet time to meet with other moms to be and re-focus myself for the week.

  6. I am OBSESSED with hot power yoga and go three times a's the one thing I do for myself and it feels great!! I saw a notice at my studio for this, but don't remember where they were holding it out here. Are you moving back to CA?

  7. What an awesome class. I miss my yoga studio too (I couldn't afford the monthly fee anymore). But I practice every day and wish I were back in the class.

  8. Love these photos! I actually just started taking classes for the first time since... high school? Yikes. It took me finding a really great studio here to get back into it, though, so give yourself time!

  9. I took some time off from yoga and really miss it. Once the kids are back in school, I am going to start up again. Thanks for inspiring me!


  10. I'm a Boston girl that lives now in SoCal. Your blog brought me right back to home. I love it. New follower. = ))

  11. Cute couple alert! I turned 30 this year and although in the past I shunned yoga for blood and sweat workouts, I've had a really strong 'voice' or something in my head telling me I must work hard at yoga, even though I find it harder than any other exercise. Working the core properly is so much harder for me than being out of breath...and as I'm supple I have to ensure I don't 'cheat' my way through yoga. I definitely want to make it part of my life although an en masse class like that doesn't appeal as much as one on one tuition does. Now that is what I dream of...


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