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foodie friday.

Fridays are meant for good food, good drinks and good company.  Agreed?  And in good food I mean the kind of finger lickin', greasy, finish your plate good.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for salads and healthy eating, but there are days when you should indulge.  And if you're in Boston, I have just the place to do that...
Mike & Patty's.  It's tiny.  It's cute.  It's scrumptious.
{Please excuse my iphone pics}
Everything on their menu is delicious {I promise you foodies will agree}, but hands down my go -to fav...their grilled cheese.  Gruyère cheese, collards greens and tomato served on buttery pain de mie...enough said.
If you come to Boston, you must visit to treat yourself to some delightful eats.  This place won't disappoint.

happy friday!


  1. Sounds yummy!! Have a great weekend lady!!

  2. I agree about fridays! That grilled cheese sounds tasty too!

  3. Oh ps. You always have the cutest darn clothes on! You should just start telling us where your outfits are from....I noticed I wasn't the only one who loved that shirt-dress from your biking adventure... :)

  4. Saara, you are so sweet. The shirt-dress is from anthro and I don't see it on their website. I did see this one on Old Navy a few days
    ago that is similar...

    I wonder how it fits?

  5. I'd for sure go for that turkey reuben! Everything on that menu looks great!

  6. Oh yummy!

    Have a happy foodie Friday lovely! The menu looks so inviting and delish!


  7. you are so cute finding all these little places! We'll have to meet there for lunch one day :)

  8. I'll have the Turkey Reuben please :)

  9. If that grilled cheese showed up on my doorstep, you wouldn't hear any complaints from me! might make a special trip to boston just for that!

  10. Amen to that! Food, booze, and drink equals a perfect weekend!

  11. wow I am in Boston and have not tried this place. And I agree about Foodie Fridays!


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