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Weddings: Part 2

At this point in the trip we had already attended TWO rehearsal dinners and one wedding.  We were a bit beat {running on East Coast Time}, but this couple is full of life, always laughing and their energy is contagious. If any couple could keep us high in spirits, it was them.  
they had a magical ceremony...
and she was such a beautiful bride...
the ceiling of the amazing is that greek key? delicious.
Oh my, the cupcakes.  
Very good idea...and noting.
love the votives and paper flowers...such a creative and beautiful touch
The Loteria Cards were bright & colorful and very fun...
onto the all remember Megan from Love her, known her for years and it was so nice seeing her.  We are super cheezing it. Just really happy to be there. Love her dress!
beyond up close with the bride and my lovely friend them both dearly
grabbed my fiance for some dancing and a quick smooch!
And then headed home! Wow, we look ex-ha-us-ted...
There you have it, professional wedding crashers...

p.s. If I owe you an email I will get back to you soon!  I also have a lot of blog reading to catch up on...


  1. Okay, you guys are too cute! The wedding looked amazing and now I want to book a trip to tahoe. So glad you had a blast!
    And i love your shoes :)

  2. You are too cute!! Love this post and seriously want to share these pics on my blog! I love the ceiling pic you took!!
    Great seeing you and thx for being the best blogger buddy! Xoxo- Megs

  3. Looked like fun..and those cupcakes!!! Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  4. soooo cute! I noticed the dress thing below. funny!

  5. not that you wore the same one, but the there were a ton of asymmetrical dresses. Were the bridesmaid's dresses asymmetrical?

  6. very cute - great posts! looks like you had a whirlwind of fun!

  7. Magical is the right word! That wedding was dreamy! It looks like you guys had a blast. (Oh, and I'm trying to stay cool. This heat wave is INSANE.)

  8. Beautiful wedding! The cupcakes look tasty too :)

  9. What a cutie you are...and full of life from what I see in the photos! Happy catching up! I'm doing the same!

  10. Gorgeous! My wedding bouquet was all Picasso calla lilies.

    Your guest post is up today! Thanks so much!

  11. Love all of the photos but esp the one of you kissing the fiance. Too cute!

  12. I would like to dive into those cupcakes right now- YUM!

  13. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! Such a fun event!

  14. I love weddings. The flowers, the dresses, the cakes....We aren't invited to a single wedding this year, but my little brother is getting married in Jamaica next year. Can't wait.

    BTW, you looked great!

  15. Thank you! It's actually a dress...Doubly Dapper Dress from Anthro!


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