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Weddings: Part 1

In Lake Tahoe we attended our 1st wedding of the trip.  The Rehearsal Dinner was on the Tahoe Queen:

The view was unreal...
and the inside of the boat had some lovely chairs...and delicious drinks.

The wedding was held the next day on the Lake and the reception followed...
beautiful rows of mercury glass mixed with flowers

the floor was covered in rose petals...
Our only picture with the newly married couple turned out blurry...{yep, that dress is a repeat offender and that tan line is awesome with it}. Congrats E & J!

A lot of girls were wearing asymmetrical dresses...wish I had a pic with the entire group of them, but here is one:

there were a lot of these taken with that backdrop... 
such a beautiful sunset...
We danced the night away after the sunset...

It truly was a gorgeous wedding.  One more wedding to go!


  1. oo I love that box the flowers are sitting in!! lovely

  2. you look adorable. looks like a great trip. pretty flowers, people, and scenery!!

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  3. You look absolutely stunning! Love the colour of your frock too!

    What beautiful images you've taken...


  4. The wedding is gorgeous! I love the flowers. And you look so pretty too! The pictures look great framed by scenery!

  5. Gorgeous pics! I love those flowers. Has anyone ever told you that your fiance looks like Topher Grace sometimes? :)

  6. Everyone looks gorgeous and the flowers are just beautiful!!

  7. That looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!

  8. you guys make the cutest couple, and i still can't get over how much you remind me of natalie portman, who i think is gorgeous! beautiful pics.

  9. GORGEOUS!! Tahoe is soo beautiful. I grew up in Reno so it was our favorite place to be. Beautiful photos!

  10. Looks like a fun time! You guys are such a gorgeous couple! =)

  11. What a beautiful wedding!! Looks like you and Chris had a great time but Boston is glad to have you both back!

  12. Tahoe is a beautiful place for a wedding! You looked gorgeous! Loved the combo of flowers, some of my fav's.

  13. Love your dress... and nothing wrong with a repeat offender!

  14. Looks like a beautiful and fun wedding. Our reception was at Edgewood Tahoe too. Isn't it a lovely venue?



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