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Destination Style: Ogunquit, Maine

Just saw this in the style section on and was excited to see where we just got engaged was one of the destination picks.   

Here are a few of their picks for Ogunquit:

love the striped skirt

and you can never go wrong with a touch of gold:
a nautical necklace:

a cute canvas bag:

and a pair of hunter boots:

Have you been to any destinations on their list...or do you have plans to make trips to any of them? I have a strong passion for travelling and would like to add them all to my list!

* all pics except for the last is deliciously organized


  1. Great choices, love the skirt, bag, shoes...etc..
    And, best of all LOVE your pic of the hunter boots and stripes. check this link out below. :)

  2. Cute cute cute! I vacation w/ my fam in Kennebunkport close by every year!

  3. I <3 Maine! I also have that necklace... (except in silver from Tif's) ;)

  4. oh pretty! love your last photo! so cute!
    and I have that flowered cardigan, funny!

  5. I love the canvas bag and the shot of your wellies! I would gladly venture to any of those destinations.

  6. Ahh these are fantastic picks!!
    And I am always dreaming of destination beaches. My husband and I honeymooned in Cabo. It was amazing.

  7. I love the bag and boots! Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of those places!

  8. I just love anything nautical! Can't beat it :)

  9. Hilton Head is SO close to Savannah and we didn't go. I am sad about that. It is H-O-T in the south right now, so I'm not sure who is wearing that cardigan, but it's cute.

    Your boots make me hot looking at them. I'm hot.

  10. After a brief visit to Maine on our cruise this year, I'm left longing to visit again (if only for the lobster!); your a lucky gal to have such a sweet place for an engagement memory!! PS-- did you see what famous family was visiting this weekend :)


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