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dangerously sweet on newbury street...

Sweet just opened up a few blocks from my house and I'm afraid this could be dangerous {you can read about my obsession here and here}.  The other one is close enough to make the trip, but far enough to keep me away from daily visits...
again, dangerously sweet...
If you're ever in Boston, you must make the visit!

*also, Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandma Betty!
*p.s. don't forget to enter the giveaway!
*photographs deliciously organized


  1. holy crap, these look delicious!!!

  2. Since you took all the pictures, does that means that you're wearing the impossibly cute striped skirt and purple shoes in one of them?

    And the cupcakes look yummy. I'd be in so much trouble if I lived near there!

  3. I try to limit my intake of sweets, but I would stop by just for a glimpse at the decor. The wallpaper is fabulous.

  4. Shannon, you're right...those are my feet :)

    The shoes are from zara {I don't see the option to find colors online}

    And the dress is from Macys
    {same deal with color}

    Both are on sale!

    Karen, I'm right there with you, I try to limit mine's very hard though passing by this place!

  5. OH.MY.GOSH this is perfection. Ah I want to go right now. I have an obsession with cupcakes, and any place that has delicious cupcakes and amazing decor looks like a place I need to if only I could get there somewhow soon. (:

    Jana Marie

  6. so cute. is that your cute skirt and flats in the one pic? you look tan! a little birdie told me chris is out next week, let's hang out!!

  7. I absolutely love Newbury Street and this little place looks like the perfect addition. I worked in Boston for a couple of months and I just love your city!


  8. LOVE that place. I haven't been to the Newbury St. location yet. Great pics!

  9. We're flying in to Boston and heading to Maine in a month, hope the inlaws don't mind driving me here on the way out! Those look delish!!

  10. OH.MY.GOD!

    I so want to teleport over to Boston now! Haven't had brekkie yet, these are making me super hungry!


  11. I'm not even a huge dessert person - and yet, this place is so "sweet" I'd want to be there just to look around! Ardorable!

  12. That store looks so cute! and that's coming from an avid Boston hater. LOL!

  13. I love Sweet- always went to the Harvard one... yum yum! I always get 2 small ones- Red Velvet and something else.

  14. Now that place is dangerous, in a very, very good way!

  15. Yes I saw that but haven't been in yet. Love the pics!


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