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Birthday Rhubarb Pie

My Birthday is tomorrow and my fiancé's birthday is Friday!  We started celebrating early this week with a mini cheesecake...
and then I brought home a few pies from the farmer's market.  The first one, a delicious apple:
and the second one is a strawberry-rhubarb {recommended by the seller} and has a story behind it...
The first thing my fiance said was, "that is so gnarly that you brought home a RHUBARB pie out of all the pies".  I replied, "Why?".  He laughs, "it looks like it's filled with asparagus and green beans".  And then proceeded to list off all the other things it could be mistaken for.  I lost it.  By the end of the conversation we were calling it the "chicken pot pie".  Anyway, I'm sure there will be many more sugary treats this week! BUT, I promise that's not all we're eating...  
We've also had a bit of that mango salsa.  By the way, thanks again for all your guacamole suggestions. I can't wait to try them!  

Question: What is your favorite pie?

*I realize it's wild that I'm following up a cleanse post with a pie post, but it's Birthday week in our household which means that we bring a lot of sugar into our home and I can't be doing the cleanse this week, but I also didn't want to not offer up any tips for those who are doing it.  


  1. evil, that post is evil... again, computer-food-transporter needs to be invented!

  2. Happy (early) Birthday! Oooh, rhubarb pie is my favorite! In fact, I just bought some rhubarb from a farmers market this past weekend to make Martha Stewart's rhubarb crumb bars. Also, if you love mangos, you need to try mango and radish salad with lime dressing! Delicious!

  3. mmm...looks delicious. And I love rhubarb good.

  4. apple pie — yum! happy birthday to you and the boy.

  5. my favorite = peach pie

    happy birthday!!!

  6. Mmmm... my favorite is a unique raspberry cream pie that my mother in law makes from a recipe she got from an Amish woman. It's divine. I gain weight just thinking about it....

  7. Happy early b-day! I love rhubarb pie too- its tangy and sweet and kinda unexpected!

  8. Enjoy your birthday week and indulge on all the pie you want! YUM!!!

  9. Wow I just found your blog and love it! I look forward to following you:)

  10. You deserve lots of cake and pie this week! forget about the cleanse. So exciting. woohoo!

  11. Happy birthday to you and your fiance! They just happen to be the same days as my husband and sister! Needless to say, I'm indulging in sweets this week, as well.

  12. Hmm, I don't think we eat as many different kinds of fruit pie here in the UK, not as often anyway. Peach pie sounds gorgeous! My grandma used to make a perfect apple and blackberry, so I'll say that!

    I admit my first thought was, hang on..!...isn't this the week of the cleanse..but birthdays have to take priority. Just think of all the joint birthday parties you can throw over the years. The years! Is it still exciting to think of it that way?

    Thank you for the coffee tips. I am going to adapt them slightly because I am that other kind of coffee drinker still, the one who drinks diet coke instead. I know, evil, but lots of caffeine. I am working on it.

    Anyway, yadda yadda, only came on actually to say happy birthday for tomorrow! Or if you were in my time zone, today!

  13. Happy birthday(s) to you! Great pies -- I'm a bit of an apple pie person.

  14. Happy Birthdays! I just love your blog, it's fast becoming a favourite.


    Have oodles of fun and eat cake!

    I luuurve Lemon Meringue Pie!!!


  16. You two are hysterical! The pies look awesome too. I hope you both have a great birthday week!!

  17. YEAH FOR BIRTHDAY WEEK!! Happy Early Birthday old lady!!


  18. Strawberry Rhubarb is my fav! Also, the mango salsa looks incredible...would be perfect for Chicago's hot, sticky summer weather right now!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  19. Happy birthday! I love me some strawberry rhubarb pie - yum! It's my favorite summertime dessert.

  20. Hmmm. My favorite pies.
    Lemon Meringue
    Key Lime
    Coconut cream pie
    Derby pie
    Chess pie
    Pecan Pie
    Pumpkin Pie
    Mince-meat pie
    I could go on and on.....
    Pies, hmmmmm!

  21. mmmm my mouth is watering.

    I have a crazy bad/good obession with Pumpkin Pie. simple and delicious :)

  22. I like pie. Period.

    Happy (late) birthday.


  23. Pies rank VERY high in our household with Blueberry usually taking 1st place. Although I won my husband over with a warm slice of strawberry-rhubarb after our first date. Happy Birthday to you and your loved one! *Amy

  24. WE share the same birthday week! I knew I like you;)
    That mango salsa looks uh-maaazing!!!

  25. Happy Belated from another June baby (June 21) mom used to make me a fresh strawberry pie instead of a birthday cake!!! xo, Elizabeth


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