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thank you!

{my sweet friend sent us these flowers yesterday, thank you michelle!}

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your kind words.  It's so nice to read sweet comments from those you know, and those you don't know.  I'm having such a wonderful week so far and really enjoying it all.  I can promise you that this will not turn into a blog on every-single-detail about my wedding {to be honest, I'm not even a huge fan of weddings...I know, it's sick...people can't believe to hear that}. BUT, I am starting to warm up to the idea.  

Before I get back to regular posting, I have a question for the people who have had a wedding, or plan weddings, or are into weddings {you get my drift here}.  What would be the one piece of advice to give to someone who is just starting out in this insane wedding world?  Would love to hear what you have to say..

As I slowly catch up on a bit of blog reading, I noticed that there's a way to help my friend Stephanie during this time of need. This time of need? Her childhood home, which is still her Mother's home, has been destroyed by the TN flooding. Please take a minute to check her blog for more information on how you can help. It's times like these that we can come together to make a difference. You can read more here. Please keep her and her family in your prayers during this time


  1. congrats congrats!! it can be so stressful and crazy, try your best to enjoy it all. its a precious time, you will be married {lord willing} for many happy years to follow...but you will only be engaged for this short time :)

  2. I just got married in Sept of '09, and two pieces of advice I would give is have a videographer, and don't take a whole lot of time taking pictures before the reception. We made that mistake and the guests were waiting for us to arrive so they could eat!!

  3. I was never into weddings either, and I quickly realized that you get inundated by ideas, pictures, etc. etc. when you start looking around for inspiration. I would just recommend before you start picking anything to figure out what you want your wedding to be like (i.e. small/large, formal/informal, etc.) and try to make it a reflection of you and your fiance by picking stuff you like in your everyday life. For example, my fiance and I love Mexican food, so we incorporated that into the meal. And, it gets stressful no matter how calm you try to be, but always keep in mind that the wedding is just one day. If you ever need any more advice or help, feel free to email me!

  4. Hi and Congrats! My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary this month! Married life is amazing. You'll love it. :)

    One of the things that was most precious to me about our wedding is that we did a lot of it ourselves and there were so many friends and family members that pitched in--it was all so special and personal.

    Enjoy making the day beautiful, but don't get bogged down in the details and definitely take time to remember the purpose for this wonderful day.

  5. get with the wedding program my love- because I will need to talk to you about it EVERYDAY, ALL DAY!!!

    Still so beyond happy for you and Chris- he did an amazing job with the ring!


  6. Enjoy the process and try not to get stressed about little details or about the idea of a perfect wedding. At our rehearsal, the pastor said that if I show up and say I do, and my now-hubby shows up and says I do, then we had a perfect wedding. That's really all that matters! But in going with that, have fun with the details :) Stay true to yourself and have a wedding that reflects you guys as a couple. Excited to hear more!

  7. Ah I am kinda jealous. I got married last july and it was absolutely perfect. That being said, things did go wrong, but it was such a wonderful day it didn't matter. I do think the details are what make your day extra special, but that is common advice. I would recommend actually reading contracts as this got us in a little trouble at one point. The photographer told us our album was free after we paid for them to show up and take pics, but we later found out that each photo in our album cost $28 bucks a pop. It added up pretty quick as you can imagine!

  8. Wow, thank you for all your advice. I'm really enjoying reading all your comments!

  9. Carlee,

    I think it is a really great idea to ask for advice before jumping into your wedding - I wish I had done the same! Here's my two cents:

    Stop. Just for a moment. Enjoy. The first few weeks of being engaged are SO exciting, and everyone will be asking you all about the big day, and your plans, and where it will be, and your honeymoon.... But you will have plenty of time to figure all that out. Just take this time to enjoy being engaged to the one you love - you will have plenty of time to get the to details. I wish me and my husband had done that, and gotten a better chance to enjoy all the bliss.

    Hope this helps!

  10. all of this advice is great! i have been engaged for 6 months and the biggest piece of advice i could give is to just enjoy this time. no matter how hard you try, you will get stressed out, you will get overwhelmed and you will have some interesting moments with the future in-laws... but just remember why you are going through all the trouble- to marry the man of your dreams! once i remembered that i am LOVING the planning process, but a few months ago i was ready to elope and i wish i hadn't wasted that precious time. i am so excited for you! and please share some details of your planning :)

  11. CONGRATS! I just found your blog about two weeks ago.

    I just got married in 2008 and loved every minute of it. My biggest piece of advice would be to hire a wedding planner. Yes, I'm sure you're thinking you can do it all yourself but trying to do everything can get overwhelming. Having a wedding planner makes the whole planning process even more fun and way less stressful.

    Take as many posed family photos before the ceremony so you can enjoy cocktail hour with your guests. If you want candid photos during your reception point out family members and important friends to your photographer.

    Most importantly take a moment with your hubby to stop and enjoy your special day and try not to worry about getting to all of your guests.

  12. Congrats! I just found your blog and it is great to see a fellow blogger from Boston. I am an event planner, check out my blog!
    Best advice... have fun & be creative. I don't think you will have a problem in that department.

  13. What you are not a fan of weddings..can't believe it, haha! I was the exact same way and wanted to elope and now look at me!
    A piece of advise is to enjoy the moment and do not get wrapped up in all the details..have someone there to help you on your day so you can enjoy the champagne! I want to see the ring!

  14. Congratulations, Carlee! My favorite wedding advice -- create a happy bridal bubble on the day of the event, and don't let ANYTHING burst it, no matter how big or small. My bridesmaids took on the task of preserving my bridal bubble and intervened every time anyone came dangerously close to popping my blissful enclosure! So happy for you, enjoy the process with your fiance!

  15. Take it slow and ENJOY! Things get hectic at times but be sure to have fun and realize what it's all about...the two of you :)

  16. My one piece of advice: small. We had a family only wedding... and don't regret it for one second (that was 5 years ago)!

  17. I would suggest purchasing a gown in a thrift shop there are some fabulous deals. Have delicious tapas and deserts and champagne/prosecco.
    The money saved I suggest be donated to a charity of your husband's and your choice.
    You will have a most memorable day and even more memorable peace.
    Helen tilston

  18. i am a little late to the party, and as I have been married for 22.5 years, obviously older than most of your readers, but here is my advice:
    The less trendy stuff that happens, the less you will cringe when you look back on photos. I am currently trying to brainwash, er I mean convince, my daughters that simple is the way to go.
    Second piece of advice:
    Good Photographer
    your blog is adorable.


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