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my first attempt at a wedding post...

is found here, but please be kind, as I am beyond clueless when it comes to this subject!


  1. I love it! Love your room and all the images. You're well on your way.

    I hope i didn't send mine in to Stephanie too late!

  2. I love it- the colors are great!

  3. love the green dresses and fun vibe

  4. I just checked it out- beautiful color palette! :)

  5. I love pink and green together. I think you'll do just fine at this wedding business, Carlee. : )


    All this is Grace and Charm

  6. Carlee, the colors are beautiful! You have such a good eye!

  7. you crack me up! thanks for doing it! and thanks again for the bag. It is PERFECT. I want one just like it. We need to get together this week. Are you having people meet for drinks to celebrate?


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