mom en route

My mom arrives tomorrow and will be here for a little while.  I'm excited to show her around Boston and do some girlie girl stuff, which of course puts me in the mood for some girlie images...

like this...

and I know we've seen this home before, but like these...

I could see long conversations with our morning coffee taking place here...

and here...

oh, and maybe here

and off the subject... I noticed this little pillow {on the far left} from this same home

reminds me of the fabric I used in my bedroom frames a while back...

Anyway, I might be a light blogger this week due to some much needed mom time...

hope you're all having a lovely day!

*photographs Helen Pe
*images Sköna hem


  1. Have fun with your mom! And the fabric is a dead ringer of the one you used.

  2. Hope you have a lovely time!

  3. aaw how lovely, I wish my mim came too :)

  4. I like the idea of "light blogging" - it sounds sort of chic, like "tab" or diet coke.
    Have fun girl time with your Mom!

  5. I love the phrase, "light blogging", I just might have to use it one of these days. Enjoy the visit!

  6. LOVES your DIY fabric project. Have a blast with your mama!

  7. love the 2nd image and the print on that sofa!

  8. Yeah for some Mommy time!! I hope you have a wonderful visit with her and spend lots of quality girl time together. I'll miss you on g-chat, come back soon!

  9. beautiful. I'm sure you will have so much fun with your mom.

  10. Have a blast and tell your mom to wear the layers! I think you'll get a great, sunny weekend together.
    Oh, and i love that wallpaper behind that bed!

  11. Have a wonderful week. I love lingering over coffee with my mom when she comes to visit.

  12. Have a wonderful time!!! Love your pictures!

  13. im drinking my morning cup o jo right now... wish it were in that window seat!


  14. Having your mom in town is the absolutely best! Hope you ladies enjoy yourselves!

  15. Have fun w/ your mom! Girl time is always fun and much needed.

  16. I hope you're having a wonderful time with your mother!

  17. Do enjoy quality the time with your Mama. It is such a delicious pleasure;-)


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