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{when leaving the house this morning a guy saw me taking pics and said, "do you like this?", (pointing to the flowers) and I replied, "yes, I love this"}

{John Hanock Tower from Commonwealth}

{castle on commonwealth?}

{can't get enough of all this color}

{newbury & dartmouth for morning coffee}

promise this blog isn't going to turn into this...

series to start back again very soon!


  1. So so beautiful!! You are lucky to live in such a nice area- I am jealous :)

  2. Is it just me or do these flowers look beautiful but smell bad? Anyone? No? ok..

  3. Hi, I'm a new reader and love your photos, they came out so crisp! And in response to Amanda's comment, yes these blossoms smell. very. very. weird.

    But oh so beautiful to look at!

  4. You could certainly make this a regular feature. I love the pictures!!! Marija

  5. so so pretty! I'm jealous we don't have any pretty pink flowers here... yet.

  6. so many beautiful images! i'm noew to your blog and love it, for sure am going to start following :)

  7. I walked in Audubon Park yesterday in New Orleans and I saw the most beautiful flowers! I should go back and take a picture because they are really inspiring.

  8. I can almost smell those pretty blooms through my computer!

  9. I want to visit Boston now because of you. LOL!

    Beautiful photos.

  10. the images are truly glorious! what a great photographer you are!


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