spring bliss

I wanted to finish up week 2 with a post about all the bargains that I passed up {with extreme difficulty} this week, but instead I'm going to post this photograph that has been recently added to my inspiration files.  The bright colors, moth painting, flowers, stacks of books, art, pillows, desk...it all reminds me of spring.  The season officially starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled to put my heavy jackets away. In fact, it's already getting a bit warmer.  Last night I actually sat outside at one of my favorite tapas bars with this girl for sangria. yum.

I'm having so much fun reading about all the bargains you have all passed up!  Thanks for entering and if you haven't yet, you still can up until tonight here.  Have a wonderful weekend!

*image from absolutely beautiful things


  1. This is definitely going into my inspiration files as well! Happy Spring!!

  2. Beautiful photo for inspiration! I haven't been to Bar Lola but love Tasca for tapas :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It was so refreshing to actually be outside for dinner last night!! Had a great spur of the moment evening with you, of course, lets do it again soon!!!

  4. Great photo - I love it! I hit Rocca in the South End last night, and it was so nice! I can't believe the weather. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy it too.

  5. This really is spring bliss! What fun colors and books. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am enjoying the weather too. It has been nice for two days but bad weather is coming next week:(

  7. Great blog! Will be following.
    I love that Moth picture more than I can say... I guess it's fitting given my name. thanks for posting! :)

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  9. gorgeous! that bouquet is incredible. so happy spring is finally here.

  10. Thanks for posting this picture of my lounge room!! Glad you like it...



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