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Organizing Jewelery: Part I

I'm in the middle of a huge jewelery organization project right now.  I will share pictures and tips when I'm done that I think are helpful.  By the way, this is the photograph that made me realize I needed to get it together...

Mine was organized back in San Francisco. BUT...if you can believe it, I have yet to unpack most of it since my move to Boston {which was over a year ago}. 

I noticed when I was cleaning out the goods that I had several older pieces that I was starting to forget the memories behind, which worried me. And because of this, I started to take pictures of my most treasured pieces that were previously owned by family members.  This way I could start an electronic file with all the details behind the different pieces.

I think if you have multiple pieces, it's a wonderful way to keep family heirlooms in your memories forever...

These stands were made by my mom, I just got them in the mail this week.  Love what she did...{if you're reading, Thanks Mom!} I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for yet, but I finally got a few pics of them!  I hope the above tip is helpful.  It really didn't take that much time to do the cataloging.  More updates to come soon!  And in the meantime, you can check out Tiffany's  wonderful tips too!

*Thank you to Simplified Bee for the blogger award!  If you haven't checked our her fabulous blog, head on over!
*Top Photograph: Patrick Cline for Lonny Mag


  1. WOW that is a serious jewelry organizer! I would love to make something similar; I can definitely see how that image would be inspirational for you!

    Those stands your mom made are SO cute! Can't wait to see how you use them in your home :)

  2. What a great idea to photograph special pieces of jewelry, it looks like you have some really delightful pieces. I would love to have my walk-in closet designed with drawers for everything, including a couple for jewelry!

    Get all of yours unpacked and start enjoying them!

  3. so inspiring ,you have convince me to change my old jewelry box and make something similar to that first photo! thanks a lot for sharing!


  4. Beautiful pieces. I can't wait to see your tips because I am certainly in need of some ideas. I do love it when people use bowls and other every day items for jewelry storage.

  5. I SO need to organize my jewelry!
    Great post ~~

    xoxo Laura

  6. This is so on my to do list! I need organizing trays asap. I can't wait to see what you have done, maybe that will give me a push to get mie taken care of!

    Im working on other things around the house today, so I just have to take one project at a time or else I get overwhelmed!

  7. oh my gosh that first pic is heaven! I have a smaller version, that makes it so much better in my room! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  8. going through a jewelry collection is always fun- I need to do the same myself soon

  9. I LOVE the idea of the electronic file for your jewelry. I recently bought a pretty secretary to use for storing/displaying jewelry. But what good is it if I can't remember where I got my pieces and the story behind it. Great inspiration! Marija

  10. I love your pieces and your mom's stands.


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