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liked it enough to take an actual photograph of it in my Domino Book, my scanner seems to be on strike this week and apparently this office of Kelly Rutherford does not exist online. 
I'm digging the lucite table, the rows of white boxes {an organizational dream}, the scoop back chair, the fresh flowers, the pop of red from the pillows, the purse and boxes. 

This looks like a functional space where I could get some work done.  I'm now inspired to tackle a few more of my organizational projects around the house.  Anyone else inspired? 

And a very {long overdue} special thank you to these fabulous bloggers: Livi & B, Green & Stylish, Pink Lace and Cupcakes, Chic Coles and Live Creating Yourself for the blogger awards!  If any of these blogs are new to you, please check them out today!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the organization!!
    Happy weekend to you ~~


  2. Love all the white boxes - and all the white in general. But the red is just so... red. I would have done a softer accent color. BUT that's me. To each their own, yea?


    ps. I don't have a scanner and have totally taken pictures of magazine pages before. : )

  3. Alaina, I agree with you. The red is a little bright. One other thing that I wouldn't have done is the big tree in the way. Not sure if I like it there!

  4. I'm inspired to go get my nails done after a glimpse of yours looking so chic! I like the room, even the red, what organization!

  5. This is GORGEOUS!! Loving all the red and white; though I think I would replace the red with a soft pink to balance it out a bit more - the red is a bit bright! :)

  6. I love that wall of organized love!
    The red and white looks so pretty...

  7. I'm obsessed with ikea kassett collection, too. Perfect. Oh and I'm going to do my nails right now!

  8. In my dreams every closet and shelf looks this organized.

  9. I was just admiring this office just the other day. i am so grateful Domino made a book before going under.

  10. Love this.

    And the very first thing I thought was how great my Boston Terrier, Cooper, would look in that room.

    {He's black and white. You can see a photo of him on my About page. He's pretty much the cutest dog evah.}

  11. This office is unbelievable! I know I would get 10x more done if this is what my office looked like!

  12. Yep- inspired indeed. I have been trying to file/cleanup/organize my home office for the past hour. My husband just came in and said- you've been working on this for weeks- why aren't you making progress? LOVELY!

  13. When are we having another blogger get together?


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