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Inspiration to Upcycle for the Holidays

While reading a hard copy of this article {involving bloggers} in The Boston Globe today, I became inspired to take a second look at wrapping gifts with old newspapers.

I love the idea of upcycling newspapers hanging around the house into gift wrap.

Here is the article I read...turned to gift wrap within seconds {maybe should have tied the bow before the wine with company last night}:

A bit more festive:

a few recycled magazines thrown in with the newspaper:

Wrapping gifts in newspaper can be cheap and beautiful...

tutorial on how to make this bow via

tutorial to make this tree via

This is a great way to stay green and wrap a gift in a pinch!

Does anyone have any green tips on wrapping gifts? Or currently ever use newspaper?

p.s. today by midnight is the last day to enter the giveaway!


  1. fabulous ideas!!!
    i love the newspaper with the different colored ribbons :)

    happy day to you :)
    xoxo Laura

  2. The newspaper wrapped with the black bows looks really nice. Takes away that it is newspaper. Thanks for the post.

  3. Oooo I love it! Especially if you wrapped it with the style or travel section!

  4. I use magazine pages! Check out my post about my gift wrap:


  5. Such a great idea, your presents look amazing- such a chic green way to wrap presents

  6. I've always been a fan of the newsprint wrap! I also do alot of brown craft paper/butcher paper for Christmas. Your gifts look so pretty! It's the ribbon/embellishments that make it!

  7. Loving the black and white with bright pastel ribbons!

  8. Beautifully recycled!


  9. I absolutely love using non traditional wrapping techniques. I have always loved using magazines, paper shopping bags, even a little tin foil has been used - I try and buy as little wrapping paper as possible so I am forced to reuse things I have! love it!

  10. Love these! and that mini tree is adorable. Great job!!

  11. Oh oh oh I am off to the newspaper stand in San Francisco to start my wrapping. I'm pretty sure I have bows left over so there will be no need for buying. Great idea sweeties!

  12. Totally stealing this one!!! Looks like there will be a lot of newspaper wrapped gifts between the two of us this year!!!
    Gorgeous work Car!

  13. I love recycling ideas that don't look so, well, RECYCLED! Excellent ideas and great pics. Thanks for posting.

    Come visit me at for more decor ideas


  14. I do love this idea. Very cute really!

  15. Love the newspaper wrap, looks so good!

  16. Loved your idea- featured on my Friday Faves :)

  17. Well, dang!! I had some similar pictures saved up for a newspaper wrapping post and you beat me to it!! Fabulous pictures and great post!


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