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It's officially December...time for Christmas decorations!
Our tree made it into our tiny apartment!

and some small decorations followed:

decided to decorate around the gorgeous roses my boyfriend brought home...

and a few cranberries thrown in the mix:

and what seems to be a lot of mercury glass:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

So happy it's December, huge fan of Christmas!!!

Has anyone else started putting out their Christmas Decorations?


  1. Mercury glass is just the best to decorate with. Love the roses in the candy canes.

  2. I love your decorations, and that was so nice of your boyfriend to bring roses home!

    I've started putting a few things out. We're getting a tree this weekend, which will make it really feel like Christmas.

  3. I love the candy canes and roses idea!! Beautiful decorations!

    xoxo Laura

  4. Love love love the candy cane roses combo! My decorations are making an appearance slowly and hopefully will all be up by the weekend!

  5. It looks so classy and festive at the same time! Love it! Now I want to go home and decorate!

  6. How lovely- your tree is perfect! Love all your decorations- my mom uses cranberries too :)

  7. Beautiful tree and holiday decor! Love the mercury glass.


  8. SO pretty, I love all you have done. Our decorations are minimal since I have small kiddos.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous and I love all the other fun accents too!

  10. Tree looks so beautiful!!
    I haven't begun my decorating yet. Its been too hot here - I can't get out of the pool for long enough to begin!!!
    Happy December :-)

  11. I love mercury glass and you are so talented at photographing your decor too.

  12. so beautiful, I cant wait to see them all in person!

  13. that was nice! I am going to make Bry read your blog. We had fun with you guys last week! We need to do it again soon

  14. Everything looks so great. I love touches of mercury glass!


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