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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Found this photo on this wonderful new {to me} blog today and fell in love with this closet:

Followed the link attached to this website and decided to post a few of their Holiday Decor photos:

I really like this little nook, wouldn't it be a delightful area to study in for finals all weekend?

and this might be a little too much going on for me, but I like a lot of elements involved:

I really hope my lovely friend Stephanie hooks Uncle Buck up with some decor this year:

and although this might be wreath overload, isn't there something charming about it?

just like this a lot:

simple and sweet mantel:

There are a lot of paperwhites here, but I wish I had a few to decorate our place this year:

If you've ever read this book, then you'll understand why I titled this post they way I did. One of Tiffany & I's favorite books!

Happy Friday!


  1. What pretty pictures! Good luck on finals. I remember those days. It was always such a relief to be done.

  2. I just finished finals wednesday...good luck with yours! That nook would be just the place to study or curl up with a good book. Thanks for the great decoration ideas! I really like the silver balls in the bowl in the last pic!

  3. Lovely pics - lovin the fabric in the stool on first pic!!
    Very nice. Happy weekend :-)

  4. ha! before I read my name I was like "deer!"..."with ornaments!"

    I have been trying to hang ornaments on his antlers all week and make it not seem as tacky as it is. I've gone with a Rudolf nose instead. You must come over and see. I think Zoe misses you:)

  5. I Love Love that story! I bought a book with a collection of those stories for my nephew, its so CUTE!

  6. Love the mantle with the white containers.

  7. I'm excited to check out the new blog and love these beautiful holiday images! Hope you had a great weekend

  8. Very nice photos. Love all of it.

  9. those are some great photos! I especially like the cluster of paperwhites, they are the best!


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