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a walk down newbury street

Today I took a wonderful walk home from school and ended my trek on Newbury Street. I thought I would share a few photographs!

The lights are up!

I just got done writing a paper on Eugène Atget, so I thought this image was appropriate...

A few storefronts

and had to make another stop at the new Jonathan Adler

I talked about being excited about the opening here

and it's finally open for business

with a slew of ceramics

and cozy throws

a lot of pink

awesome lamps and incredible bar tables

LOVE this desk and that pillow!

graphics GALORE

yummy stacked boxes

lots of lighting

and my FAVORITE...

This wall of bright pillows, I would take any of them! & LOVE this wallpaper!

What are your thoughts? Do you like the way the new store is styled?


  1. Looks fabulous - I'd love to shop there!! The lights are lovely too!

    Pop in to our Tea Party - have a cuppa and cupcake - everyone welcome :-)

  2. ahh, I love!! I want to go shopping with you next time, that looks like so much fun!!

  3. you got some good pics!

    thanksgiving. Yes, we'll do something...would you be up for going out and then wine and dessert at my house?

  4. OMG! I love these images. I want to shop with you!

  5. you know what, I love JA, but my favorite pic is the trees wrapped in lights... utter loveliness!

  6. I love when cities put their lights up for the holidays!

    I love those throws! Perfect xmas gifts!

  7. Love Love Love!! Great pics!! Thanks for taking us on a little photo trip with you...There's so much to love @ J.A. I could more easily tell you what I didn't love! What about those turtle shells?! And those lamps!? I love it all!

  8. LOVE the look of the store. I really need to go. I want the metallic wallpaper that they used! I also love the wall of pillows.

  9. I just LOVE holiday lights!!
    Killer pillows BTW....

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!

    xoxo Laura

  10. I love Boston in the winter- the lights on Newbury St and Comm Ave mall especially :) I need to visit the Jonathan Adler store, ASAP!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. ahh so very lovely - one more reason I need to find myself in a city here pretty soon! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  12. WOW! I would LOVE to shop there! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Love the store and how it was styled. Can not wait to take a stroll down Newbury street.


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