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A Tangent Tuesday: Classic Reese

Reese Witherspoon has been one of my favorites for as in Man in the Moon years. Love her or hate her, I happen to love, I think her style is fabulous. She always looks pulled together and classy and seems to make classic looks, look glamorous. The new InStyle shoot had me swooning over her outfits...which I think could totally be pulled off in a cheaper, non designer way.

Love this. Gold Strapless dress, black blazer, layered gold necklaces. Perfection!

Here is what I came up with for a cheaper version of the above:

Here are a few more looks in the mag:

Yellow dress, black blazer and heels? This outfit is flawless, but again, could also be pulled off with less expensive items.

Does she not take a funky bootie and make it look easy to pull off? I think so, but that might just be my opinion...

Layering jewels is always a way to spice up the LBD...especially this Holiday season. I adore the jewels here...not too frou frou and more of an edgy look.

Again with the classic, she makes a striped shirt, belt, big earrings and blazer look gorgeous!

Do you not agree that her style is classic meets glamour?

Also...I'm very excited {yet skeptical} about this new perfume she has out, Bloom by Avon.

Has anyone smelled it?

Please do share if you have!

and because we're on the subject...InStyle just came out with a new "Secrets of Style" book:

Might need to pick this one up!


  1. she's a Nashvillian. We're all with it:)

  2. Love her. And actually one of my dear friends went to school with her and also auditioned for Man in the Moon. I too have loved Reese since then!

  3. I love her, LOVE HER! She has great style, and those legs! Oi oi oi, she is sexy!

  4. Love her and her style. Seems like she is just one of those actresses that everyone wants to be! And don't you think it's funny how Man in the Moon is never really mentioned? I remember that movie all the time when I think of her. Great post!!

  5. Probably my fave celeb! I just LOVE her!!! Her style is amazing and her stylist is pretty much my hero. I've been wondering about the scent, too. I'll let you know the next time my MIL gets the new Avon book! (perfume is questionable, but their eyeliner is awesome!)

  6. Great look you came up with... Love Reese too! I need to read this issue- I subscribe and got it, but haven't had a chance! :)

  7. Yup, I love her. Always have - always will! those looks to are so fresh and fun. I still get a bit of a bumble bee feel - but maybe thats not a bad thing!

  8. How can you not love Reese Witherspoon?? And that was SUCH a good issue of InStyle

  9. She is drop-dead gorgeous and always looks so put together. I really like the Reese-inspired outfit you put together.

    BTW, I'll be at Shecky's tomorrow night, probably around 7:30. Hope we bump into each other!

  10. Love her! She has the best style! Everything about her total class. The new style Book looks interesting to.

  11. I adore Reese! And that gold dress/blazer combo is perfection!


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