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There are so many reasons to LOVE Lonny magazine and right now for me that reason is... it's online! Don't get me wrong, I do want a copy so I can have glossy pages to hold in my hands, but look at this:

These are all magazines that I need to read right now. Stacking up since August. That's only a couple of months. I also get magazines that I've never even subscribed to? They just keep coming in the mail. Does this happen to anyone else? It's time I begin a large organizing project...

I have organized some past issues:

But I find this is not enough space. I like to keep a lot of my magazines for inspiration and research.
I'm thinking of putting up a few shelves and doing something more cohesive.

I love the look of these CB2 boxes, but do I really want to look at the magazines all the time? And although I do love them, the price tag is kinda pricey...

Ideally I would do something like this:

seen here :

in Kevin Sharkey's absolutely gorgeous office, originally I had seen his office here and fell in love.

But I don't really have the space like Sharkey, I think this is more my square feet of storage:

via here

What do you do with your magazines?
  • Do you purge regularly and donate? Keeping only your inspiration photos?
  • Do you have a green tip for the ones that you rather not save? Like using as gift wrap, etc.
  • Do you leave piled pretty and color coordinate?
  • Do you store them on bookshelves like you would with books?

I would love to know what you are all doing with your ever growing magazine piles because I for one know mine are getting out of control!


  1. i keep all of the issue's I love. I have them in storage. On line may be just the right thing for me!

  2. I have a pile of mags to read too. I guess I subscribe to too many? haha. I love the idea of cataloging them. I save the ones I love for ideas and if the covers are fab (like Michelle Obama on Vogue cover this past year). Others, I recycle after a few months.

  3. I keep recent issues and take a stack to the recycling center a few times each year. It's not the most traditional recycling center because you can sometimes unload things from your car into someone else's. I've found that there are lots of moms with kids who will use magazines for craft projects.

  4. I try to be good about going through them and ripping out the articles/images that I want to keep -- but I'm waaaaaay behind. I think I subscribe to too many magazines - but I love them! I think I've finally gotten rid of some random subscriptions that I don't know how I ever got signed up for (Lucky, Marie Claire, etc).

  5. I keep all my magazines, I have a hard time letting them go. And these days with all these magazines folding I'm glad I kept all my Domino issues and didnt toss them :)

    I love the ikea holders like Kevin Sharkey has- I have a TON of them on my shelves painted and all in order.

  6. I have found myself lately going to the library a lot, becasue they have such a stock of all the mag's I love and then I don't have to take up too much room having every issue of every magazine!

    there are of course those that are my all time favorites that amount to quite a stack... but I try and be good!

  7. I keep all my magazines. I have magazine holders that I organize them by type of Magazine. {all Elle Decor together, etc.}

    I just recently brought a few old Domino mags with me camping to read over. I found so many great things I had forgotten about. I simply could not part with my magazines. So much information and inspiration!

  8. For those who recycle their magazines.... ever consider donating them to a good cause, like a interior design college? Even your local community college may have ID programs. They could never have enough resources for the students. As a former student, I know! Sometimes magazines would be so outdated, it was a lost cause.

    Just a thought!

  9. Jenna- I 100% agree with you. You can also donate to hospitals. Many patients may request design mags but there are not any to give them. Lots of ways to donate.

  10. I scan and save them on my computer (which is why I am SO excited about all the new online versions) and then throw them away. Our apt. is so small, I can't take any more:)

  11. I save only the ones I love and then rip out anything else I like and put in a binder to save. It's the only system that works for me but of course, I do have a decent amount. Some pretty magazine holders do the trick, or you can buy cheap ones and cover them yourself!

  12. I would love to keep them all, but who has the space. So I tear out the spaces and images that really inspire me and place them in clear sleeves tucked in a folder. It's my dream home some day files. =)

  13. I love magazines and get a lot. I am also horrible at ridding them... but, after about a year, I recycle old magazines, keeping only ones that I can read again or have a lot of great content - like Real Simples and Cooking Light.

    For organizing my magazines - i usually keep my most current and/or favorite issues on the coffee table or magazine holder in the living room and converted an old dresser (that I dressed up a bit with fun knobs and repainted) into a filing cabinet with a few drawers dedicated to magazines... :)

    Just found your blog via Lavendar and Lilies - look forward to reading more!

    Mine is:

  14. Oh and I never thought about donating old magazines...but good to know!

  15. I am WAY behind on reading... since July. Which is not like me.

    And my piles are out of control. I will probably be spending a whole weekend soon organizing and purging. Although I have a had time throwing any away....

  16. I keep all my magazines under my bed. they are in nice neat stacks and ready for to plow through them at any moment. But that Kevin Sharkey's office is so fab!!! I would love to have a space like that!!

  17. Kevin Sharkey's office is so organized! I have some ideas on blog this week on how to recycle magazines =)

  18. id pay to have the lonny printed out. i just cant deal with the online!


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