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instead of P-town, Providence, R.I.

is where I ended up over the weekend. I know this post is a little late...but I was too busy being inspired by that Canadian House & Home in my below post to get to the weekend.

On Friday afternoon I sat getting my nails "did" as the news blasted out of the 14 TVs in my now NEON {so relaxing?} nail salon. The News Report: Hurricane Bill will take over New England and scary things will happen to everyone. Sooo mission aborted.

Cape Cod and all of New England ended up being just fine {figures} but like I said, we had moved on. My boyfriend and I still wanted to get out of Boston for the day and ended up heading over to Providence, R.I. to check out the scenery. I thought I would share a few photos of the beautiful homes that surround Brown University & Rhode Island School of Design.

This cobblestone driveway is stunning:

This one here too...and the pillars are gorgeous:

This was the typical type of home we were seeing near the campus. Most homes are brick with sweet little shutters and surrounded by trees to give adequate amounts of shade on these hot summer days.

Loving that garage. A very different take on pillars from the home up above:

A greenhouse attached to someone's home. I want one of these....

Simple little home with a red door and perfectly placed trees to frame that door:

A home with half of a side of brick...I assume for the one who can never decide:

A park perched up on top of a hill with a view of the city below:

Love the benches...

We also stopped at the Outlets on our way home and I managed to score a pair of heels...


you don't take pictures of your new heels on your coffee table?


  1. Sounds like a great day. I love Providence. The shopping and homes around Brown and RISD are lovely.

    Love that first pair of shoes- what brand? My roomie has the Madden Girl ones, love!

  2. Um, I need those shoes NOW- where are they from my dear?

    Oh and the pictures are beautiful too- I just got distracted by the even more beautiful shoes haha :)

  3. I know aren't those shoes fabulous! I love how Car did a great post an an area I would love to go to...but all I really care about are those shoes. They're Madden Girl. My coworker said you can get Madden Girl shoes from DSW. Try and you can even find coupons on their site apparently! I may just have to get those shoes because Carlee and i live so far away anyway, its not like anyone would ever see us wearing them together at the same time ha!

  4. Thank you everyone!

    You can get the second pair here:

    and the first pair I got at the Kenneth Cole outlet and can NOT find online...I tried!

  5. There is not a more gracious welcome than a bright red door! Oh, and that greenhouse- fabulous!

  6. The cobblestone driveway in the first picture is fantastic!

  7. Beautiful tour - those homes are just beautiful. I'm a sucker for a red door.

    Great bargains too! Nice job working in a little shopping trip too (those are the best kinds of trips)!


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