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*I truly enjoy reader’s questions and thought I would make a list of the top questions I receive via comments or email. Please feel free to email me with any others.


Do you need to refrigerate the scrubs once made? 

I do not refrigerate the scrubs once I make them (I use them up before 30 days if that helps). If you use fresh ingredients (orange juice instead of orange oil- someone has specifically asked about OJ) I'm guessing you may need to refrigerate.

What happens if the scrub solidifies?

If you only use coconut oil and have a cold bathroom, it will 100% solidify. You can add olive oil, almond oil, or other oils that will help keep your scrub in more of a liquid form. I don't mind when they solidify, I just scrape some out of the jar and add a touch of water and that seems to work really well.

Where can I find the ingredients for the scrubs if I don't have a health food store near by?

+ celtic sea salt
+ coconut oil
+ almond oil
+ vitamin e
+ lavender essential oil
+sweet orange essential oil

What juicer do you recommend?

The Breville Juice Fountain Elite. Almost all the pieces can go in the dishwasher, it's an easy clean up, and so far I've had no problems with it.

What’s a great beginner juice that won’t taste disgusting?

Green Lemonade: 1 head of romaine lettuce or celery, 5-6 stalks of Kale, 1-2 apples, 1 whole lemon, 1-2 tablespoons of fresh ginger. I would recommend the romaine over the celery, but everyone has different tastes.

A tip, use a meyer lemon. They are sweet and mask the taste of veggies. Also, cucumbers give juice a very refreshing taste. A note: try not to use a lot of fruit, as it’s mostly sugar. And use organic as often as you can.

I don’t have a juicer, can you recommend a healthy smoothie?

Yes, I didn’t buy my juicer for a while after making green smoothies every day.

Start with something really basic: Kale, Pear and Water. Then slowly add other things you like. Adding superfoods is a wonderful idea too: royal jelly, maca powder, raw cacao powder, etc. can be easily added to smoothies.

You post gluten free recipes, but you also post non-gluten free recipes. What’s the deal?

I experiment with eating gluten free often, especially when I’m doing a cleanse. Therefore, I end up posting about these recipes. The cleanse I do is from Kris Carr’s website and consists of: no gluten, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol and no animal products.

It's expensive to buy organic, do you have any tips?

I try my best to go to the farmer's market to purchase organic greens and fruit with a budget. And, buy what's in season. Trying new things is also effective in saving. Kale might be less expensive than romaine or spinach, but some people don't buy the unfamiliar. Lastly, shop strategically and more often, this way you're not throwing out fresh fruit and veggies.


What kind of camera do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D90. Before making this purchase, I used my Canon PowerShot and I highly recommend it.

What is the best way to take a photograph of my home?

With no flash and in natural light.

May I use your photographs?

Yes, and thank you! Please link back to Deliciously Organized.


Do you blog for a living?

No.  Which means that what what I talk about on my blog is purely my passion. I don't only post on organizing even though my title is: Deliciously Organized. I rather write about what I'm inspired by that week than have you read a post that I forced myself to write that ends up stale ;) That's not to say that I don't thoroughly enjoy discussing organization, but I also have a passion for photography, health & interior design....etc.

What is your background in?

I studied Communication & Journalism at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. I've taken several Interior Design classes,Web Design, Marketing, Advertising, Photography and have a very serious passion for creative writing {I do not triple check every post I do for grammatical errors~I do apologize to those passionate about grammar}. I plan to continue taking photography classes, learn more about nutrition, and design...all while I sleep.

What's the best way to get a question answered I have on a post?

Please feel free to leave a comment. If within 24 hours you receive no answer, please email at: deliciouslyorganized{at}

I’m a new blogger, how can I gain readership?

Be patient, have original content, use quality photographs, write often, and have a passion for what you write about. It also helps to leave genuine comments on blogs you enjoy to read. By doing this you’re building a relationship with other bloggers and in return the bloggers will most likely make their way back to your site.  

Do you mind checking out my new blog and giving me tips?

First of all, I’m humbled that you’d even ask, thank you. If I had the time I would love to, but unfortunately at this time, I do not.


Are you always this "neat" ?

Great question.

From my photographs I may portray a perfectly organized, well kept- home, home cooked meals on the table, etc. but it's not always like that around here. Who has the time? I will say though I'm not the only one who is tidy in my home which helps a lot, and we also have a "you cook, you don't do dishes" style in our home which works both ways. That's not to say that I'm not seriously-out-of-control organized- I'll own that, but really a home needs to be livable. That also goes to say that our white sofa, chair and ottoman are meant to be sat on, used, and enjoyed. If something spills I take the slipcover off and wash it.

Although for me, being neat/organized has more to do with creating time to spend with people in my life and enjoy the things I love to do. By being organized: I have more time, find things faster, create more space in my tiny apartment, and keep only what I love around. Lastly, photography is my passion. I enjoy taking a more "final" shot when I'm posting a project, recipe, or room.

You've created DIY mercury glass, is it safe to actually burn candles in the votives?

Sorry, I don't have the answer to this. Try this at your own risk. I've burned them for short periods of time and haven't had a problem.

Where can I find the gray and white striped boxes you used?

I purchased white storage boxes from Ikea, taped them off, and then painted gray.

Where can I find the Bettina fabric used on the decorative pillow?

This is an older Pottery Barn item. I was able to find the fabric here.

Where can I find the linen pillows with the navy border?

Again, older Pottery Barn item. If you find them, I'd love to know where!


Almost all questions are answered in any of the below posts, but happy to answer any others.  Please
feel free to email.

Wedding Photography: Gem Photo
Wedding Venue: Compass Rose Gardens in Bodega Bay, California
Day of Coordinator: Enjoy Events Co.
Floral Design: Laura Miller Design
Wedding Cinematography: Erik Scanlon
Catering: Park Avenue Catering
Wedding Cake: SusieCakes
Wedding Invitations: Minted
DJ + Photo Booth: Perfect Day Events
Rentals: Encore Party Rentals
Wedding Dress: Pronovias via Novella Bridal
Shoes: Kate Spade
Makeup: It’s A Date at the Powder Room