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1. MAC Brushes, 2. Bangle, 3. Watch, 4. Jacket, 5. Bras (awesome bra- so comfortable), 6. Nike
7. Clutch, 8. Necklace, 9. Booties, 10. Leggings 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today! MAC put out my favorite set of brushes this year. Typically they don't have this full set. It's a few brushes I would never use- but, this year they put out the best set. The same set I bought 10 YEARS ago and still use today. I highly recommend it! I also threw in a few other fun items worth checking out during the sale. Even if you aren't sure, always best to lock in the Anniversary price (they have free shipping & returns) and then return later.  Seems to be the best time to pick up a couple of fall investment pieces (if you are planning to do that this year - boots, jackets, handbag, etc.).


  1. I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every summer. I agree. It's the best time to invest on boots for the fall.

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist


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