Per my last post, I'm back sharing more of our space!  Dining room is up.  If you want to call it a dining room... it's more of a dining nook?  Anyway, we recently purchased a table and cafe chairs which was life changing for this zone of our home.  Before we had a round bar table that worked in our Boston and SF home, but did not work in this space.  Every chair pulled out at a bad spot.  It was obnoxious.  Now we still are tight on space, but this table is much more functional.  The table also has leaves which is awesome for when we have more than a few people over.

This area in the house has a lot of raw/rustic wood going on and I plan to break that up soon.  We almost pulled the trigger on two end navy velvet chairs, but the space is actually too small for the chairs we were looking at.  Maybe some roman shades, maybe some bold cushions for the chairs, a rug, barstools (although it makes it even more tight on space- but, I do love being able to hang out on that counter when people are in the kitchen) there are a ton of options I would love to implement, but budget is an issue ;)

The table and chairs are also very close to the oversized upholstered chair we have in the living room, so adding too much more fabric in the space could be overwhelming.

Closer shot of the gallery wall in case you're interested.  A few antique prints we've picked up at the Alameda County Fair flea market, a shot of my mom from her modeling days (gifted to me recently which I adore), a few wedding pics, and a couple of amateur paintings done by yours truly.

Well, that's it on this space.  I'll share updates as we make more changes!  Be back soon with a small DIY I did recently for our bedroom.


  1. Carlee,
    So fresh! I love how clean and crisp everything looks!
    Thanks for your recent comment and yes, it's true that acceptance and forgiveness are an area of my focus to keep moving forward. Bummers are teachable moments as are changes to keep us aware and living a spirited life!

  2. I love your gallery Carlee, especially since you used things that have meaning. Beautiful!

  3. This looks great! I love the mirror that you included in your gallery wall, how original! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful home :)

    1. Awe, thank you so much! Means a lot. Hope all is well with you ladies! xo

  4. I love those chairs. I am having a very hard time finding affordable wood thonet chairs for my space. Are those vintage? I love the light wood. The room looks great!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you! The chairs are from Restoration Hardware. Looks like they are on sale now!

    2. Carlee,
      Thanks for the reply, it never even crossed my mind to check there. I always just assume they are too pricy, but that sale is great! -Lauren

  5. Looks great! Love the gallery wall



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