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Happy New Year, everyone!  I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted.  This is by far the longest I've ever gone.  Actually, during the Holiday Gift Guides I had several more I wanted to get up- but got sick, and then the Holidays came, and then Chris got really sick, and then work got busy, and then, and then, and then. Anyway, it's been way too long and I'm going to find time to post again.  I miss it terribly.  In no specific order, here are a handful of pics from my i-phone of the last few months.

made cinnamon log cookies- hardest cookie to make, ever.
treehouse family is building (complete with bathroom! can't wait to get the final pictures from my Aunt once she decorates this place!)
sailboats in our neighborhood
wine country
annual batch of peanut butter blossoms
monkey bread
a new favorite clutch that Chris calls my "pencil pouch" (also have been obsessed with this blazer this season- looks like it's not only on sale, but the website is 40% off right now on top of that)
got the sailor framed and he's up!  need to take pics of that (btw, the flats are another BR find that are so comfortable and remind me of the classic chanels- also would be 40% off with the code)

We also got the go ahead to paint a few months ago.  It was very exciting.  The entire place is painted and I will need to share pics soon.  By the way, I was a painters WORST nightmare.  I came home during a lunch break from work to "check in" because for some weird reason my gut told me to (at this point our guest room and bedroom were already done and I  we were happy with the colors).  

As they had just finished our entire living room/kitchen in a coat of BM's classic gray (I had tried this color on my walls in multiple lights and different locations and liked it a lot), I walked in and froze.  Quietly looking around.  They knew immediately I hated it.  I felt horrible.  I didn't know if I should just suck it up and be the nice gal, or speak up then and be much happier later.  Ultimately, I ended up speaking up and I'm glad I did.  I ran to the paint store and grabbed another grey that I hadn't tried.  I walked around the paint store with the swatch like a crazy person holding it up in different lighting-asking the store employee his thoughts the entire process apologizing for being so obnoxious and telling him "I'm sure this happens all the time, right?  People freaking out over colors?"  Obviously looking for him to reassure me that I was not losing it.

He then told me, "don't worry, this happens all the time, I've watched people have full on meltdowns in this store, crying and all".  By the end of our therapy session I was patting myself on the back for actually being totally normal and not one of the people he would label as crazy (although we all know he was thinking this chick is totally crazy the entire time).

I walked out of the store 10 minutes later with 2 gallons of paint in my hands.  Came home, dropped off the paint, sprinted back to work, with no clue how it would turn out.  I just prayed it wouldn't be as bad as the last color.

When I got home I was so stoked with the color.  I am beyond happy I went with my gut and wasn't too scared to speak up.  Have you ever done something like that?  Were you happy you did?

Well folks, it's good to be back.  And I hope to be posting again very soon with diy projects, paint updates, organizing projects, etc.  

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  1. So glad to hear that your 'painting' experience doesn't only happen to me!! I'm so glad the new color worked out!


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