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Last night I had the chance to go a party celebrating the NEW C.Wonder store in Corte Madera.  It is such a fun space filled with too many items I wanted to take home with me!  Here were some of my favorites that I wanted to share with you all:

The above were both so cute! The dachshund pair isn't online but I'm sure it will be soon & the fox head. Also, how cute is their dressing room?  Love the ikat curtain & the c hardware.

Tangent - I told you I'm living in my leather leggings! But, also loving this tarjay sweater- it actually covers your rear which is nice for leggings.  Can't find it online but I highly recommend (you might be able to find it online...). 

For the arms - I had to pick up this skull bangle- it's actually really sparkly in person & very feminine!

This silk bird shirt is on my wish list: 

This clutch also caught my eye - for $10 more you can monogram it - this would be a nice gift for the holidays: 

This sweater would be so fun for the holidays- stag intarsia crewneck (& their sweaters are all 30% off!):

For the home- cute tray for keys and such at the front door, or on a nightstand:

gold foil napkins - if I had a sewing machine, I'd make pillows out of these! 20" each:

Ok, last item...I'm getting carried away.   This apres ski set - how cute are these dessert plates?  Would also be cute broken out as a gift- you could use them as a little dish to collect jewelry, etc. 

And the latte mug, this one is really nice in person as well...makes me think of tahoe. 

Well, there you have it.  I could go on for hours on their website, but this is probably enough of my favorites for one post :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great pics/picks! C. Wonder is such a fun and colorful shop. I work near the one in Soho and stop by every now and then. Those shoes and the stag sweater are adorable!

  2. I really like the shoes, the shirt and the Pullover ;)


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