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Over the weekend I decided it was time to check in more on the blog.  I miss it, but I've been so busy that I keep putting it off because 1. I can't seem to find the time & 2.  I'm waiting to share quality content (diy projects, recipes, projects...etc.). Although, if I wait for that I may not get to blog until the end of the year.   Which leads me to 4 random things on a Monday...

Domino is finally back! Over the weekend I devoured the entire magazine by the fire and it was delightful. 

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to do a little shopping for a few new pieces.  It reminds me of back to school shopping, which was always something I looked forward to (and getting new school supplies!).  I have new leggings like these that I can't take off.  Also, loving my cozy booties I picked up this season & my cords from last season (I need to get more colors!):

Now that summer is over , we are home more and finally working on some projects around the house. We even bought a new dining table over the weekend!  Really excited to pick out chairs.  We might do two large navy velvet chairs for the head of the table which I am ecstatic about...but, we'llll see.

Lastly, the below treasures were found at an antique fair on Sunday.  The bearded gentleman is getting a navy velvet matte and a gold frame.  I'll be sure to share photos when he's all framed up.  And, Chris picked out the vintage Hartmann- which we practically took home for free.  I love negotiating for a good deal!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  


  1. I'm still itching to get my hands on a copy of the new Domino!
    And those finds are certainly treasures -- love the painting!

  2. Yes, keep blogging! I miss your posts-your photography is beautiful. I loved the new Domino too, can't wait for more issues!

  3. the navy velvet chairs idea. Hope you share photos!

  4. I always cringe when someone boasts they got an item "almost for free". The vendor made no profit on this! Everyone deserves to earn a fair wage for their work, even sellers at flea markets and antique fairs.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and expressing your opinion.

      Although I agree with you, in this particular unique situation the vendor really wanted the art to go to a good home (and she wanted it taken off of her hands so she didn't have to transport it to the next fair). The vendor was really clear she didn't want to make a profit off of it.

      Not only was this art taken to a good home, but it will be on display where the work will be celebrated everyday.


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