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Really excited to talk to you all today about healthy meal planning. If you missed the first post, I'm sharing how to organize a small space in your kitchen (could be either the inside of a cabinet or the fridge) and turning it into a hub for healthy meal planning. Again, here is the before (I have placed any invites we received in a folder and added all details directly to our calendars + any photographs {especially of the cute babies} and cards to another folder):

And, here is the after thanks to the new Home Collection by Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand. I love that their new collection is stylish yet highly functional:

Ahhh, so nice and organized now!  Here is what I used: 

1. Healthy food photographs: You could find a few photographs of your favorite healthy meals and secure them on your fridge using Scotch Restickable Cut Tape. This allows you to always see healthy meals/snacks when you get to your fridge helping you make better decisions when you finally open the door. The tape holds well and can be easily removed off your photograph, and fridge.

2. Framed month: To add a touch of pretty to the meal planning space, you could cut out an old calendar and frame it up using a Small Scotch Display Frame. I love the Scotch Restickable Tape so much much that I used it to add a personalized touch to the Display Frame, too. You could also use the frames to add a couple of personal photographs.

3. Weekly planner and need list (below the frame of August): 

Here is where the healthy planning comes into play (with a few nights out, etc.). The Post-it Planner & Perforated List Pad is a large Post-It product that allows you to meal plan + have a "need" list easily transferred from the perforated pad to your fridge- an organizers dream.

A new goal could be to try at least a few times a month (let's not get over zealous here) to sit down on a Sunday morning/afternoon to flip through your mags, recipe books, and recipe binder to find recipes that you want to make that week. Then you can plan out the week's recipes before hitting the grocery store (no more buying random items that don't always go with meals- maybe I'm the only one that does that?). Again, after you plan out the week- you can post this to the fridge so you know what you're making and others in your house can look at see what you're having.  

4. Recipe & Coupon folders: After you've figured out what you want to make, you can take the recipes for that week and place them in your Large Post-it View and Go Pocket on the fridge (of course if it's a book you could use a Post-it Note to easily get to the recipe). I added a round label with the word "Recipe" to organize on top of something that is already organized :). Then for the coupons I used a Small Post-it View and Go Pocket to hold any loose coupons that need to go into the car ( I keep all my coupons in a plastic bag in my glove box).

Now that you've planned out your meals- you can use this nifty Post-it Shopping Organizer to ensure you pick up all items for your recipes. Coupons can also go inside on the left side.

here it is all folded up and ready to hit the aisles:

Last but not least...I don't know about you, but I'm always forgetting to bring that one item that needed to go out the door with me. This week it has been our glass milk bottles to return to the store for our deposits. I've used these Post-it Reminder Tags to help me remember the bottles this time!

Hope that this post has inspired you to plan out some healthy meals and start cooking!  


  1. great post carlee! LOVE that huge post-it. Will be getting one asap! hope all is well. xx

  2. Love this so much! I just shared it on my Facebook page!

  3. lovely. i am taking an online class with heather bruggeman, whole food kitchen. highly recommend it -

  4. Love it! I love meal planning. :)

  5. Thank you for gathering up info on all that we would need for our "meal Planning Kit", can't wait to try it this all fall and winter (I don't cook very much in the summer if I don't have to! ;) Great post!


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