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When fall approaches, I find it more difficult to get my butt to the gym.  It's cold out, it gets darker earlier, and sitting by a fire with a good book sounds more appealing than going to the gym.  This fall I'm going to try to continue to get my workout on.  I find that working out not only keeps me in shape- but, more importantly it clears my mind, helps me make healthier food choices, and overall I have more energy.

Anyway, when it comes to the gym- I'm all about excuses.  The game plan for this fall is to conquer any excuse before it even comes up by...being prepared!

My top two excuses are: 

+ I forgot my gym clothes at home & 
+ I don't have earphones (working out without them is impossible for me- I've walked out of the gym when I've realized I don't have them and there are no classes in session)

In order to keep my top excuses non-existent, I plan on being better about having a gym bag ready to go- and in sight.  This is where one of my favorite bags comes into play, the OMG by Lo & Sons!  I have talked about my love for their bags before, and now I'm back singing their praises.  Not only are their bags spectacular for traveling, but they are perfect for the gym.  I won't forget to grab this pretty plum bag on my way out the door!

Here are my suggestions for having your gym bag essentials packed, organized, and ready to go!

1. Headphones-  Again, this item is essential to getting into your groove at they gym!

2. Work out pants- The lululemon astro wunder under cropped pants seem to minimize the hips, are really comfortable, and wash well (pricey, but I've had pairs that have lasted for many years).  For whatever reason they only come out a few times a year at their store? The Lucy perfect booty pants- give your booty a lift and I'm convinced they help you perfect your form on any glute exercises.

3. Work out tops- For tanks, the lululemon scoop tanks are cute and comfortable, find them here.  For t-shirts, the new nike dry fit is awesome.  For a sports bra under that tee, I like a good ole' champion.  Always nice to have a jacket in your bag, too.

4. Shoes- Nike has been making the "frees" for a while now which are a fave.  Huge fan of the 3.0 style.  It has the thinnest sole which is very important to me- I don't like clonking around in big shoes.  Super comfortable, too.

5. Hair ties- Can't go wrong with a few of these tucked in your bag (I hear people make these ties on their own too).  

6. Water bottle- Obsessed with the Brita hard sided bottle.  Three reasons: 1. you can keep filling it up at the gym, 2. it keeps it's shape so it stays put in a machine cup holder, 3. don't have to tip it because of the straw (beneficial in a spin class when you barely have time to grab the bottle).

7. Deodorant-  Always good to have the option to reapply before you hit the gym.  I am a huge believer in deodorant that does not have aluminum. 

Packing your gym bag the night before (and having it in sight), is the best way to ensure you'll make it to the gym!  Onto the giveaway... 

HOW TO ENTER: (giveaway closed)

1. Go to Lo & Sons and then come back and leave a comment to let me know which bag you'd choose if you won.  Ensure I have your email address.

2. Make sure you're a reader of Deliciously Organized on some type of platform... bloglovin', instagram, twitter, facebook, google follower, etc. 

3. If you have an extra minute, I'd love to hear your secret to showing up for a workout (this is not a requirement to enter).

4. Giveaway ends this Friday at midnight. 

*Bonus to all readers: Use the discount code, DELICIOUSLYORGANIZED to receive 15% off your purchase until the end of August. 

Good Luck!