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This past weekend in Manhattan Beach I noticed my friend's gorgeous necklace (no longer available on the site).  It met all my favorite necklace qualities: gold, delicate and perfect for everyday wear.  When I asked where she got it, she said her friend makes them and sent me to her website- Beau & Stella (named after the designers dogs- too cute!).  Of course once I got to her site I was obsessed with all the nautical's hard to chose just one!

I LOVE the tiny ship wheel necklace  - it reminds me of my new town (this is probably the one I'll order)

really like this one, it's so unique- inspired by one of her customers- the fisk hook necklace 

and this one isn't nautical, but I'm obsessed with the baby elephant necklace 

find them all on her site, Beau & Stella

thank you Sarah for sharing!


  1. I am obsessed - they are so delicate and lovely! I'm really into that elephant one :)

  2. I love how these necklaces are dainty which are great for petites.

  3. sooo cute ...I have to buy one...



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