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Doesn't seeing a flamingo on something just immediately make you feel happy?  As summer approaches us, I am seeing them grace more items in the stores.  Above are some fun picks in case you need some flamingo in your life! 

1 | Would be really cute next to a candle on the patio this summer!

2 | Such a playful bag to pack up your makeup essentials- and wouldn't look too shabby displayed in the bathroom

3 | How fun would it be to get your organize on with this funky organizer? 

4 | Spice up passing the salt with these shakers...

5 | The classiest of all things flamingo.  A gorgeous print for your wall.

6 | A preppy tie for a summer wedding.

7 The bathroom just got a little bit brighter & your hands a little bit happier.

8 | You can't go wrong with anything flamingo by Lilly P.

9 | Nothing screams summer like a flamingo suit.  Purchased this one a few weeks ago and love it (it's by Pink- Victoria's Secret which means the sizing is super small- go up a size or two)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I absolutely love flamingos! I'm definitely hoping to add the flamingo bathing suit to my collection, and I want absolutely everything in the flamingo Lilly print! So so so cute.

  2. Of course tory does it cutest!

  3. I have loved their bags for a long time. I need to now just pony up and buy one!

    - Jaime


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